D-Day Anniversary

2013/06/06 15:21:58
Today is the 69th anniversary of D-Day.
I mention this because it is also the anniversary of my Grandfather's first bombing mission in World War II.  He was lucky enough to fly a total of 30 missions and earn enough points to return home to the US.
His missions went from France to Belgium to Germany to Poland and back to Germany many times.  His plane was hit by Flak and anti aircraft rounds several times, crash landed twice on its return to England.
I thank all of the "Greatest Generation" for their service and their sacrifices.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:D-Day Anniversary 2013/06/07 00:28:58
Wow.  That's intense.  We owe your grandfather and his colleagues a debt of gratitude for their bravery.
mayor al
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Re:D-Day Anniversary 2013/06/07 03:17:16
It is amazing to me how the generations seem to pass. I recvall being at a parade in a small town in Mass. in the mid-60's where the 'Grand Marshal' was the last living Veteran of the Spanish-American War who had enlisted in a Regiment being raised in the town to serve in that event.
Our neighbor when we first moved to Indiana in 1978 was a Veteran of WWI. I often listened to his stories of hauling Ammo up to the trenches each night using mules and horsecarts.
  My uncle was a crewchief on a B-24 Liberator in the Pacific during WWII. I have enjoyed listening to his stories of the missions they flew.
All of us have these family members somewhere in our neighborhoods. It is well worth the time to learn of their experiences and give them the recognition they are due for their service.
Earl of Sandwich
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Re:D-Day Anniversary 2013/06/07 07:38:57
As a young kid I was fascinated by WW2 & D-Day in particular. 
I just met a guy recently who had been shot down on his 97th combat mission in Viet Nam and spent the last 7 years of the war in the Hanoi Hilton with John McCain.
Re:D-Day Anniversary 2013/06/07 21:28:04
Today (June 7th) was Grandpa's 2nd mission, he bombed Nantes France
June 6, 1944 -   Target:  Falaise FR
June 7, 1944 -   Target:  Nantes FR
June 11, 1944 - Target:  Dinard-Pleurtvit FR
June 12, 1944 - Target:  St Omer FR
June 14, 1944 - Target:  Leculot-Chievres FR
June 15, 1944 - Target:  Misberg GE
June 18, 1944 - Target:  Brunsbuttel GE
June 21, 1944 - Target:  Ruhland GE
June 26, 1944 - Target:  Drohobycz PO
July 3, 1944    - Target:  Arad RO
July 5, 1944    - Target:  Beziers FR
July 7, 1944    - Target:  Merseberg-Kolleda GE
July 11, 1944 -  Target:  Munich GE
July 13, 1944 -  Target:  Munich GE
July 14, 1944 -  Target:  Area 9 FR
July 16, 1944 -  Target:  Stuttgart GE
July 18, 1944 -  Target:  Kiel GE
July 19, 1944 -  Target:  Schweinfurt GE
Aug 1, 1944  -   Target:  Area 13 FR
Aug 2, 1944  -   Target:  St Jussy FR
Aug 3, 1944  -   Target:  Paris Area - Abandoned Mech Failure
Aug 4, 1944  -   Target:  Harburg GE
Aug 15, 1944 -  Target:  Venlo HO
Aug 16, 1944 -  Target:  Zeitz GE
Aug 24, 1944 -  Target:  Ruhland GE
Aug 25, 1944 -  Target:  Politz GE
Oct 2, 1944   -   Target:  Kassel GE
Oct 6, 1944  -   Target:  Berlin - Spandau GE
Oct 12, 1944 -  Target:  Bremen GE
Oct 25, 1944 -  Target:  Hamburg GE
Oct 26, 1944 -  Target:  Hamburg GE
The month gap in September was him recovering from amebic dysentary and on leave at Brighton Beach.
The June 21, 1944 mission was a shuttle flight they did their bomb run and then flew on to Russia, spent the night under thier planes in Russia (getting shelled and bombed), then flew onto Italy, left many of the planes in Italy and then flew back to England.  Of his 30 missions he was lead bomber on 19 of them. (sometimes not by choice :-( )
He was not one that liked a fuss being made over his service, he did what he had to do, he didnt like it, he hoped his children and grandchildren would never have to see war like he did.  I miss him.
Re:D-Day Anniversary 2013/06/12 08:49:55
At 44 my maternal grandfather was called "by men in black Chevy's" to supervise the production of certain machined parts.  Though told nothing save for the Word of a fellow Freemason of the import of his task, he refused pay for it. 
18 or so months later my "then to be" father was on a train bound for San Diego where he, as a fresh Lt., would participate in Operation Coronet, the conquest of Japan.  His mission ended with his train stopping in Albuquerque on VJ Day.
A few days past marked the 69t. Anniversary of our Nation’s leading, designing, equipping, and manning the largest military action in the history of man:  13,000 planes, 5,000 ships, and 500,000 men.
It was a full, frontal assault of free men upon Evil.
Less than a year later the man who led our efforts in the West, in accepting the unconditional surrender of the German Empire, wired his superior: “At 02:41 local time this day the mission of the Allied Forces has been fulfilled”.
Three months later, across another ocean, the man who led our efforts in the East, accepted the unconditional surrender of the Japanese Empire with the words “These proceedings are closed”.
Eisenhower and MacArthur did not “spike the ball”.  Instead, under the guidance of their superior officer, George Catlett Marshall, they transformed Germany and Japan into prosperous allies.
Indeed, this was "the Greatest Generation" since our founding.
And now, a Farewell Word from our Founder - the finest of wines distilled from the Enlightenment:
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Re:D-Day Anniversary 2016/06/06 07:55:23
"The eyes of the world are upon you ....."
The greatest generation I will ever have the privilege to know.
Michael Hoffman
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Re:D-Day Anniversary 2016/06/06 10:31:25
Re:D-Day Anniversary 2016/06/06 11:27:45
I have visited all the beaches in France.  It's horrifying to think of all the soldiers gunned down and all the blood.  They're beautiful now, as are the US cemeteries. 
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Re:D-Day Anniversary 2016/06/06 12:24:50
This excellent article on a medic's D-Day experience on Omaha Beach was in our local paper today:
Michael Hoffman
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Re:D-Day Anniversary 2016/06/06 13:03:46
Boy, talk about heroes.
Re:D-Day Anniversary 2016/06/06 14:27:00
Real heroes, and the personification of bravery under fire!!! God Bless them all!!!