Restaurateur Johnny Garnau passes away

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2013/06/10 10:43:21
Famous Pittsburgh restaurant owner Johnny Garnau recently passed away in Florida.  He owned several different restaurants in Western PA over the years.  The only one I ever visited was Johnny Garnau's Golden Spike, which was located next to the Northway Mall in the North Hills.  As a kid, we were allowed to choose where we wanted to eat on our birthday and I always chose this place, because of the train theme (the place mat showed a map and historical information of the real Golden Spike) and the delicious fried shrimp.  These are some of my favorite childhood memories.
It was interesting to learn that he apparently invented the sneeze guard.
Did lleechef or any of the others out there originally from Pittsburgh eat in any of the Johnny Garnau restaurants?  
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Re:Restaurateur Johnny Garnau passes away 2013/06/10 10:52:06
I ate at the Golden Spike many many years ago.  Geeze, I forgot about that place.  I probably had the fried shrimp, that was my usual fare as a kid. 
Re:Restaurateur Johnny Garnau passes away 2013/06/12 18:56:23
As I, at 65, first heard of his places on Rege Cordic's and Bob Tracy's shows on KDKA in the late '50's I would have thought Mr. Garneau to have been "long gone".  God Blessed him him with a long life.  (BTW: he and my boyhood hero, Ralph Kiner, are about the same age; Kiner still lives).
Yes, I ate at his North Hills place with my H.S. and college buds many times on our way back to lleechef's and my alma mater after seeing the Mighty Bucs at Forbes Field and Three Rivers. 
AYCE of really decent food was quite a novelty then and Mr. Garneau filled that bill quite nicely.
BTW: we always made it a point to go to the Bucs v. Dodgers when Koufax was scheduled.  In his five year prime, Koufax was the best there ever was and the best that ever will be.  If you did not see him "live", you have absolutely no idea. 
Re:  The Great One - both Mays and Aaron called him the best they ever played against.  R.I.P. 
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Re:Restaurateur Johnny Garnau passes away 2013/06/18 07:29:41
Thanks for your memories.  I don't remember Johnny Garneau's Golden Spike being an all-you-can-eat restaurant, but it obviously was.  The best buffet from my childhood was the Horn of Plenty on Rte. 8 in Valencia.  Did you ever eat there?