Salting peanuts

2013/06/13 21:50:56
Salted, in-the-shell peanuts are one of my favorite snacks but I'm not particularly fond of the unsalted version, and unfortunately that's what Mrs. Chicken brought home from the store.  Is it possible for me to salt them so that they taste like the real deal?  Or is the salt added as part of the roasting process?
Re:Salting peanuts 2013/06/14 00:55:33
Are they already Roasted?
Typically, Raw peanuts are brined in a salt solution, then dryed, then roasted.
Boiled Peanuts are boiled in a brine solution. Never tried brining then drying roasted penuts but you could try. 
Re:Salting peanuts 2013/06/16 20:38:40
Brad - You are out of luck, unless they are unopened and you could return them for their salted cousins.
Re:Salting peanuts 2013/06/17 11:07:48
Thanks for the help.  Yes, they've already been roasted so they may wind up as chipmunk chow...
Re:Salting peanuts 2013/06/17 11:48:35
The only possible solution may be to shell them the use Popcorn/Nut Salt on the peanuts themselves.  Might not be the effect your looking for though.  But, if you need salt on your nuts it may do in a pinch.
Re:Salting peanuts 2013/06/19 15:30:44
Hey pacman is on to something
Brad - shell them all put into a butter bowl or bowl with a lid
add a 1/4 tsp peanut oil to them and close the lid and shake
then open the lid sprinkle on the popcorn salt or cajun shake close the lid and shake again
the small amount of oil added is not noticable but it will make the nuts sticky (no bad jokes here) and then the salt will stick to them better.
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Re:Salting peanuts 2013/06/19 19:13:56
Why can't you do a "chex-mix" type thing (after you shell them) with a little butter, some salt and roast an hour at 250 turning every 15 mins
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Re:Salting peanuts 2013/06/19 21:16:47

Why can't you do a "chex-mix" type thing (after you shell them) with a little butter, some salt and roast an hour at 250 turning every 15 mins

That would work.
Paul E. Smith
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Re:Salting peanuts 2013/06/20 14:50:41
Smoke 'em if you got 'em...

Re:Salting peanuts 2013/06/20 14:59:25
The oven-roasting approach is interesting, and I got to thinking about peanut brittle as well.  Or maybe even using the Chex mix approach to make some actual Chex mix!
Re:Salting peanuts 2013/06/20 16:35:37
If you don't do something soon they'll go stale on you! Me? They'd be gone by now salt or no salt.