Can anyone help me with photos from north Alabama?

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2013/06/15 00:37:36
Friends, I wonder whether anybody would be willing to share with me photos from their collection or make a special run or two to some of the places on my list?  I had a massive failure of technology today while out collecting restaurants for my blog, "Marie, Let's Eat!".  Here is what I shared with friends and on a tech forum looking for help...
I am absolutely heartbroken and discouraged. No way to finish a trip.

I took 91 photos yesterday all over my trip (across the north end of the Tennessee River Valley). They are numbered IMG_8699 to IMG_8789. I downloaded them from the camera last night.

I took 113 photos today. They are numbered IMG_8790 to IMG_8902. Partway through the day, I was with friends near Huntsville and showed a couple of the pictures from yesterday. That is to imply that, around 1 pm, I paused taking pics and scrolled back through the morning's photos. These were perfectly visible!! (You see where this is going?) Then I continued snapping throughout the day.

Now that I am home, I have plugged in the camera, and ALL of today's pictures have vanished. Specifically the 113 pictures from today ONLY. I took a test picture when we saw what was wrong (IMG_8903) and it is still there. The other 113 pictures from the road - and ONLY and SPECIFICALLY THOSE pictures, are all gone. There's just a gap in the file list that jumps from last night straight to the test picture.

I have downloaded two separate digital recovery programs (DIGITAL MEDIA RECOVERY and WONDERSHARE PHOTO RECOVERY) which each "find" the same long-deleted stuff. Nothing from today.

How could this happen? Where are my images?
Well, anyway, I am losing hope that these images are going to turn up, although the test photo still being there while NOTHING that I snapped while the sun was up survived is a real kick in the butt.
These were the places that I shot:
Trowbridge's (Florence AL)
Bunyan's BBQ (Florence AL)
Dub's Hamburgers (Athens AL)
Kreme Delight (Athens AL)
Chuck Wagon (Madison AL)
Southern Hickory BBQ (Cullman AL)
Leo & Susie's Famous Green Top BBQ (Dora AL)
Old Hickory BBQ (Leeds AL)
Goal Post BBQ (Anniston AL)
Tasty Dip (Heflin AL)
Obviously nobody can replicate precisely what I photographed, but I would really like to have some illustrative content for my blog to go along with the stories that I will be writing over the next couple of weeks.  Does anybody have any pictures of these establishments that they will share and grant me permission to publish?  Please get in touch with me and help me work something out!  Thanks a million for reading.
(Alternately, does anybody know how to convince a recalcitrant SD card to cough up the darn files???)
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Re:Can anyone help me with photos from north Alabama? 2013/06/15 07:33:17
I have a volunteer to shoot Chuck Wagon in Madison.  One down and nine to go!  Any takers?
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Re:Can anyone help me with photos from north Alabama? 2013/06/15 15:24:09
A blogger - Man Up Texas BBQ - has shared pictures of Leo & Susie's for me to republish.  Eight more to find.  If you know somebody who lives in one of these towns,  please let 'em know about this thread!
Re:Can anyone help me with photos from north Alabama? 2013/06/16 20:57:27
Heartbreaksoup - let me do some digging I know I have photos from Dub's, Kreme and Southern, it is just finding them right now that is difficult (switching to a new computer)
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Re:Can anyone help me with photos from north Alabama? 2013/06/17 18:30:12
That would be lovely!  I've also recovered a small number of photos from the SD card via a good data recovery program, but they're mostly the sort of pictures I'd discard as not good enough to post.