Henz Chili Sauce or Clone Recipe

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2013/06/15 07:41:25
This stuff is getting mighty expensive and hard to find recently as it's starting to drop off the condiment radar as more and more grocers are evaluating the sales of their shelf space. Last bottle that I bought was  $2.58 and is now packed in a downsized  bottle that holds only 8 oz. despite it still showing 12 oz. on the label.
I've found some copycat recipes that fall short. The real condiment has a strong taste of Allspice to my taste, and has what appears to be unpeeled tomatos used in the puree as bits of skin and some seeds are found in the sauce, more like a ground tomato product.
I haven't priced the institutional cans recently to see if they have risen similarly. I've been told in the past that Chili sauce as known in the deep south is very regional and very misunderstood by folks outside of the south exepecting it to be a hot pepper based product and not a variant on Ketchup that's used primarly in recipes and bases for sauces and rarely in the sense of a condiment any more.
I was wondering  if anyone has a tried and true recipe of this stuff.
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Re:Henz Chili Sauce or Clone Recipe 2013/06/15 09:14:23
The Heinz "Chili" Sauce without a trace of chili's also screws you on the amount of product?
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Re:Henz Chili Sauce or Clone Recipe 2013/06/15 09:35:47
Don't take my word on it. I poured out 1 cup and the bottle was empty. I've bought it a few years ago to make cocktail sauce for my dad and probably didn't notice or it's been changed since then. I found this yesterday searching on Chili Sauce. Search Heinz Chili Sauce 8oz. for others. Bottle is clearly labled 12oz. Maybe it's being sold by weight instead of volume now. In all fairness, the bottle does say net weight. Maybe they have been pulling this all along.