Multi-pepper steak salad

Junior Burger
2013/06/16 22:32:28
There's this one steakhouse chain (don't know if it's just local or national?) that shall remain nameless.  The HAD a Steak Salad I could've eaten every day.
Start with a steak like a NY Strip.  Trim all fat away & poke holes all over it, both sides.  Dip in mixture of 1/4 C red wine, 3 Tbs worcestishire sauce.  Grind over it a multi-peppercorn grinder to your taste (believe it or not, a THICK coating was on the original & it was GOOD).  Grill to your liking.
Bed of baby lettuces.  Chopped Roma tomatoes.  Sprinkle with blue cheese crumbles.  Slice steak (remove any gristle etc now) & place over salad.
I always ordered their "House" dressing & I think this is it:
In a small bowl mix: Basalmic Vinegrette (1/4 C?), LOTS of sliced green olives (NO pimentos, unless you like 'em) & enough of the (Kraft-style canned) parmesan cheese to thicken it up.  Spoon over salad & ENJOY! :)