Next Food Network Star

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2013/06/17 10:18:24
OK, one of the very few "reality" shows I watch is Next Food Network Star (although I was extremely disappointed to see last year's winner, who looked like the next Guy Fieri in a good way, fizzle out completely, not even starting his series). Things I like about it:
1) The challenges are based on things that can really happen; the judges don't expect any contestant to do anything that they aren't willing to do (and, for the most part, have done) themselves.
2) Cooperation is expected; back-stabbing is a quick path to loss.
3) The judges seem to want every contestant to be the winner, and make comments accordingly.
There was one contestant this year, Danushka Lysek, whose problem was obvious, but the judges did not seem to realize it, and she eventually lost because of it. She is a professional model, and, when in front of the camera, her model training kicked in. Every minus that she had as a presenter was essentially required behavior in modeling (the not showing emotion, the stern to angry facial expression, etc.). I strongly expected that if one of the judges/mentors had realized the basis of her problems, she might have been able to fix them. Not that she would have necessarily (or even probably) come out on top.
Unlike last season, where there was one contestant who looked like the winner practically from day one (and almost paradoxically, has apparently failed completely in the prize), there are a few contenders this year. One thing though; at the moment, none of them have really put out the "I want to watch a show with them!" vibe just yet; last year, all of the final 4 contestants put out that vibe for me.
Re:Next Food Network Star 2013/06/17 17:39:59
This season's contestants didn't seem interesting at all. Quit watching it early on.