Takeout/delivery vs. sit-down menu

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2013/06/18 15:20:55
I'd like to get a few opinions from those of you with brick and mortar restaurants.
I'm having a discussion with a friend about a restaurant menu, where certain items can only be eaten in-house, no takeout or delivery (restaurant has both normally). In other words, there is a takeout/delivery menu, and a sit down menu. Both are almost identical but for one or two items that they won't let you take out or deliver to you. The items are not complicated or messy, and could be easily packaged for takeout/delivery.
I'm leaning towards why would a restaurant restrict them from takeout when they're a popular item, which might put some people off and send them somewhere else, and my friend is adamant that it's a better idea for them to not offer them for takeout/delivery to get people to stick around.
I wanted to get some input from  those of you who have experience with this, just to get a clearer picture of the pros and cons of doing that, and which way might work best, if there even is a "best" way.
Re:Takeout/delivery vs. sit-down menu 2013/06/18 15:25:28
What are the menu items?

Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Takeout/delivery vs. sit-down menu 2013/06/18 15:28:52
The main one is a personal pizza, but not just run of the mill typical pies... funky ingredients, done really well.
Re:Takeout/delivery vs. sit-down menu 2013/06/18 15:43:23
If they offer takeout & delivery for other pizzas without unique ingredients that *possibly may be great but a little time-sensitive...that may be a factor in the reason.

Without asking the restaurant (you may or may not get the actual reason there) you can look to see if there has ever been any feedback on sites like Yelp & Urbanspoon that mention things like it was soggy...ingredients seperated...not as good as dine-in etc. if the policy has even been different...with takeout & delivery available.

Everyone is a critic these days...and restaurants often create policies that address the most critical feedback when they have the means to keep it checked on their end.
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Re:Takeout/delivery vs. sit-down menu 2013/06/18 15:52:26
I would think personal size with specialty ingredients would not travel well.
Re:Takeout/delivery vs. sit-down menu 2013/06/18 15:55:32
Having a liquor license (or not) sometimes is a factor in those types of policies.
Re:Takeout/delivery vs. sit-down menu 2013/06/19 04:01:40
I would guess some things don't taste good when they get cold.or taste gross when steamed in a box for 20 mins.I.E lettuce etc.
Re:Takeout/delivery vs. sit-down menu 2013/06/19 18:47:11
What I've noticed with stuff like that is people are pretty likely to understand why they cant take XYZ home as long as there is a sound explanation.  Some people just don't get it and can raise hell...  It should be hard for people in the hospitality biz to say "No" but there is always a creative way...We ran into the same problem at a Japanese restaurant I worked at a few years ago.  Sushi to go is a bad idea.  Period.  BUT-people expect to get what they want so we ended up getting a fancy sticker made for the to go boxes with a disclaimer that indemnified us if it sucked three hours later, they left it in their car for 2 hours, they dropped it, etc.  Made the guest happy and also covered out bums.