Slushie Machine

2013/06/22 14:57:12
I am looking into purchasing a dual bowl slushie machine. If anyone can give me recommendations, brands, tips, etc. it would greatly be appreciated.
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Re:Slushie Machine 2013/06/22 17:47:39
I can tell you, you don't want a Bunn unit. Even though they are or at least were built just a mile from my stand. They don't hold up well under heavy use and I heard that Bunn has stopped making them or is going to stop making them.
And on the other hand any Bunn coffee maker is a great unit.
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Re:Slushie Machine 2013/06/22 20:18:32
Taylor is a good supplier, the best units are the all stainless drum type.  They are fully insulated around the drum, use less power and easy to maintain.  The open clear bowl type are more hassle and as they are not fully insulated not as efficient.  More cost for the stainless, but the best if your in to doing these for the long run.  The bowl type are pretty good for catering and doing specialty type stuff, Margaritas, as an example.  But if you have a shop that needs one running all day the enclosed stainless are a much better choice.
    Probably goes without saying, but stay away from any outfit offering a deal on the machine and the syrups together, most of these deals are get rich quick schemes to get someone hooked on overpriced ingredients and equipment you can find yourself with a little digging on the net.
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Re:Slushie Machine 2013/06/22 22:56:54
Thanks Doc, in fact Bunn was one of the machines I was looking at. Rod, appreciate you chiming in. Will look further. Thank you both.