Dock's Oyster House, Atlantic City

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2013/06/24 14:50:14
I follow the vintage photo blog Shorpy and there was a recent post about this place from 1953 and to my surprise they still exist.  I've searched and found a few mentions in the forums (thanks to buffetbuster).  I think we need a review with pics.  I love places with history.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Dock's Oyster House, Atlantic City 2013/06/24 14:57:53
Look at the line out the door in the 1953 photo!  They have obviously been doing something right for a long time.  It has been several years since my last visit.  If I have time for only one meal while in AC (like during our too brief visit last Summer), it will always be White House Sub Shop
Anyone been to Dock's lately?