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Junior Burger
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2013/06/25 06:52:20
If you take a look over at present’s market scene, you may observe that most of the people desire to shop online. Since, due to hard job schedules, monotonous work and no time to survive lifestyle, people opt to shop online while be seated at their homes or offices. Well, online restaurant ordering system facilitates a restaurant owner to take his/her restaurant online. In order to do so, food list of options can be uploaded on the Restaurant website that is simply accessible by the consumers
Junior Burger
Re:Restaurant Website 2013/06/28 16:12:54
you in the online ordering business henric?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Restaurant Website 2013/06/28 18:27:34
Hopefully, Michael Hoffman will tell us all where Ohio, OH is........or better still, go there and enroll these klutzes in a "How to speak plain English" course.  These quasi-ads are silly. They don't even tell how someone can get help.  Would all these different names in Ohio OH please learn a bit of English first......and then a LOT of RF etiquette, next!
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Restaurant Website 2013/06/28 18:38:38
ohio, OH is 37 miles northwest of the thriving metropolis of Moonbat, Australia. I thought everyone knew that.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Restaurant Website 2013/06/28 19:58:42
Of Course!  How could I forget??  It's amazing what age does to the mind.........helped by consuming potatoes that have been left too long to ferment.
I remember a wonderful RF type meal there at the "Dust your Buns" Bakery and nude campgrounds.  And here I thought Bear Claws were always spelled B-E-A-R!  I particularly liked their new kitchen décor, originally imported from somewhere in England.
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