Peter's Grill in Minneapolis to Close

2013/06/27 09:56:49
Peter's Grill is closing...again. It has been a downtown Minneapolis institution. I first started having lunch there in the early 70s in its old location which was much more classic. It is a relic of a bygone era and quite frankly just never captured the atmosphere of its old location. But read one of the reasons. The trendy food trucks that congregated and parked up and down the street nearby basically killed it for good.
Downtown Minneapolis Classic Peter's Grill to close
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Peter's Grill in Minneapolis to Close 2013/06/27 11:03:58
I am seldom in downtown Minneapolis, but when I was, I meant to eat there; never did.  I have always loved that exterior sign; I hope he does donate to a museum that will preserve it.
Re:Peter's Grill in Minneapolis to Close 2013/06/27 21:31:25
I had many a meal at Peter's, most of them Hot Turkey followed
by a great slice of apple pie. I think they moved at least 3
times and that was moving everthing, counters, stools, booths,
artifacts and yes, the sign.
Re:Peter's Grill in Minneapolis to Close 2013/06/27 22:12:49
I had my first lunch there in 1970 at the original location. I worked just two blocks away. They had one short time move and then to where they are now. I don't know what they moved but it was never the same to me. The current location is too bright with too many windows. The original location had windows only in the front with a deep room, a long U shaped counter in the middle and booths rimming the outer walls. The waitresses then were older than my mother and longtime employees. There was just something comfortable about the place. It was plate food. I think that alone was something people don't go for as much. Does anyone top off a lunch with pie anymore? I mean anyone other than Buffetbuster and people on Roadfood quests.
Re:Peter's Grill in Minneapolis to Close 2013/06/29 08:53:00
Here is a video by James Lileks covering the 99 year old Peter's Grill closing.
Crowds flow in for final bite at Peter's Grill
and here is today's Minneapolis Star Tribune article with the video...
A final piece of pie from Peter's Grill
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