Cost to lease space

Lee Weenies
2013/06/27 20:05:02
Hi all,    I completely built a 8 x 16 new unit for steamed hot dogs (no grill) EVERYTHING is new and never used... never could get anyone to run the operation. SO....I own an approved lot (2.5 acres) with plenty of parking (probably 20 cars) on a corner with a traffic count of 20K per day. electric/septic system/ Very good visibility for a long distance from both directions The ONLY bad news I can think of would be the speed limit is 55! I have no idea what the "space only" would be worth per month? Is there any rule of thumb?
  Hard to believe when you ask people to take a drug test or back ground check you get no one! Selling it all. Leasing the location but need help on what location is worth per month...
Re:Cost to lease space 2013/06/28 07:59:35
depends on location,in town out of town etc.look around at others in the area or contact realtor and ask what is a fair lease price for the lot.It's what they do! 
Filet Mignon
Re:Cost to lease space 2013/06/28 08:09:18
IMHO, I would enter into a new unproven business making it a win, win situation. write up the lease so who ever ventures into this business will make money. When they start making more money over time, reevaluate the business and adjust the lease agreement. Do a business plan for the business as if you are running the business, all you can do is put in numbers and make an educated guess on sales, labor, taxes, utilities, and insurance. It just really a basic P & L to see what the bottom line is for profit. after you see what the bottom line is for profit, then look at what you can put in for a lease payment, while making sure the business owner makes a good bottom line profit that will make it worth wild for them to keep going and building up the business...............pnwc