On Demand Water Heater

Junior Burger
2013/07/01 16:40:33
Just got my trailer and was wondering about the water heater. I imagine the trailer has to be plugged in for a while for the water to heat up. Does the whole 4 gallon tank heat up or just the water as you use it. What temperature is it supposed to be. Thanks!!
Dr of BBQ
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Re:On Demand Water Heater 2013/07/01 21:34:18
An instant hot water heater heats water as you need it. Type the brand name and model number into a search engine and hit enter. Read the owners manual then you'll understand how it operates. .
Re:On Demand Water Heater 2013/07/02 02:10:13
Is it a single use or on demand?a single use is any where for 4-7 gals.but work like your home heater takes time to heat the water and it's stored in the tank,when you use it you start over.a instant works by heating the water as you need it.
I haven't seen any stock on demand water heaters in trailers.not saying there isn't just not common.
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Re:On Demand Water Heater 2013/07/05 22:06:00
 Does the whole 4 gallon tank heat up or just the water as you use it. What temperature is it supposed to be. Thanks!!

Are you talking about the Ariston point of use heater, if so I just installed one this morning and it took about 20-25 min to first heat up, I'm worried now that it won't be able to keep up with demand, but also is not like I'm gonna be washing dishes every 5 minutes.
I hope I pass inspection with it if not then I have to look at alternatives.
I had it at the recommended setting, but there's a higher setting that I assume will get the water even hotter.
Dr of BBQ
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Re:On Demand Water Heater 2013/07/07 13:09:32
There is a big difference in a "point of Use" and an instant hot water heater. I assume your both talking about an electric model right? 
The big thing with point of use is your not making a long run through pipes to your use location. And most are electric.
But the instant hot water heater like this one on Ebay offers just as it advertises instant hot water. Although they come in both electric and propane most concessions use the propane model. Not sure if that would work for you or not but they will pump water that steams in about 15 or 20 seconds.  I have been using them from an Indiana company for years and they work great
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Re:On Demand Water Heater 2013/07/07 15:21:00
I use this one, and LOVE IT!! turn the flow down too much and it'll burn your hands.
I bought an adapter so I just screw on a 1lb bottle until I get around to piping it in. Was testing it to make sure it was good enough for my needs. A 1LB bottle ($2.50) lasts 2-3 three day festivals.