Entenmann's Bakery Goods

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2013/07/01 20:39:19
I've been wondering about something. Since 2001 when we moved back to Miami, there's been a steady drop in shelf space starting a few years after with many of the products that are still listed as current no longer found on the shelves. That's another point. The dedicated shelves used to be on the ends of isles loaded with their produts since the 80's. Over the years, the shelves that remain in older stores are often packed with Thomas's bagel and Boberli products, otherwise the selection of Entenmann products is pretty limited to a few things like the butter cake, chocolate  covered doughnuts, cookies and few other products. Some newer stores have a small, two tiered waist level display. Wikipedia shows a large list of products and claim they growing and the brand is expanding into, snack portioning, coffee and even licensed candles. Here they seem diminished. You couldn't walk into an office breakroom without a box of doughnuts, strudel, or local specialized guava based products that had been brought in by someone. Both major food chains down here have expanded their own bakery offerings in this category, so I wonder if that's the problem or have they done this everywhere?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Entenmann's Bakery Goods 2013/07/01 22:16:59
Well about 150 miles north of you our Publix has I believe two stand alone sections of their products. I used to be a big fan but frankly I care for their products as much as I once did.
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Re:Entenmann's Bakery Goods 2013/07/02 12:37:09
Huh, I just posted, but it appears to be lost in the ether.
I assumed stores stopped carrying almost all of their products when they started tasting stale no matter the date on the package, as well as becoming almost flavourless (with "chocolate" which is really just a wax coating). I occasionally buy something if they're on sale, but even at sale prices they're ridiculously expensive considering the quality. I'd much rather hit the in-store bakery, or if I want something pre-packaged, Arnie's Bakery is a much better choice.
Re:Entenmann's Bakery Goods 2013/07/02 13:28:13
Nothing better than their crumb donuts.  I miss them now that we are in Texas.