Real Mc Coy Sandwich Shop (Pittsburgh)

Kenny Joe
2013/07/02 20:28:24
Over a year ago, I posted that a sign had gone up at the storefront that once hosted the great Pickle Barrel advertising the imminent arrival of the Real McCoy Sandwich Shop, a venerable South Side institution that had vacated it premises several blocks up Carson Street.
I had never got food at the Real McCoy. Its biggest fan among my friends was a fellow well known for his love of crappy food, provided it was provided in great quantities. More to the point, the Real McCoy was "take out" only and Kenny Joe has no convenient place to take it to. (No, Kenny Joe does not have a car and even when he did have a car, he did not eat in it.) However, Screenbear asked me to keep folks apprised of the situation, so I have kept an eye on things. I can now deliver a report, but I have moved it from the Hot Dog etc forum, home of the original thread, for reasons that will be apparent.
The first move of Real McCoy Sandwich Shop was held up by the death of one of the owners. Eventually, the "opening soon" sign came down, then a few months ago, it went back up. Given the long inactivity, I was a little surprised yesterday evening to see a new sign - "Re-Grand Opening July 1."  Not only was there a sign, there was a line around the block. I decided to do some errands and come back when the line died down. Sure enough, when I returned an hour later, there was no line. Unfortunately, there also no bread. I was offered meat, but I declined.
Motivated by my obligation to Screenbear, I returned for lunch today, figuring that if I got there at 11:40, there wouldn't be a line. There was a line - about 25 people - but I figured it was tolerable and stayed. Or rather I stayed for a little while. I noticed that for every person served, two "friends" joined someone in line in front of me. I pulled out a piece of paper, did the math and concluded I would never get lunch. So I left.
I will try again tomorrow. But if I don't make it tomorrow, it will be awhile before I can report because tomorrow night I am off for several days in Buffalo pursuing the perfect Beef on Weck. However, let me note two things about the Real McCoy.
1. The menu includes seven or eight hoagies but it does not include any hot dogs, Smith's or otherwise.
2. There are no reminders of its former life as the Pickle Barrel. It has been gutted and the new furnishings are as plain and simple as you can imagine, without anywhere to sit and enjoy your food. 

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Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Real Mc Coy Sandwich Shop (Pittsburgh) 2013/07/02 23:02:26
It must be good..........or good PR................if it already has a line.....................good luck!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Real Mc Coy Sandwich Shop (Pittsburgh) 2013/07/03 07:06:55
Kenny Joe

1. The menu includes seven or eight hoagies but it does include any hot dogs, Smith's or otherwise. 

I presume the word 'not' should be before 'include' in the bold above.
Photos from their Facebook, with one of the line to get in. 

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Kenny Joe
Re:Real Mc Coy Sandwich Shop (Pittsburgh) 2013/07/03 08:04:49
That is correct, erudy. I have fixed it.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Real Mc Coy Sandwich Shop (Pittsburgh) 2013/07/03 09:31:11
Thanks Kenny Joe, service beyond the call of duty. I guess this really puts the nail in the Pickle Barrel's coffin. Looks like another thing I've got to do on my list of what I'd do if I won the $634 Million lottery is reopen the old joint.
  The Bear
Re:Real Mc Coy Sandwich Shop (Pittsburgh) 2013/07/03 16:55:34
I would have walked down the block, crossed East Carson Street to Mike and Tony's Gyros at 1414 East Carson Street for a delicious gyro for under $5.  Best deal on the Southside!
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Real Mc Coy Sandwich Shop (Pittsburgh) 2013/07/03 17:33:58
Thanks for the report Keeny Joe. It is a shame what happened to the Pickle Barrel.
Kenny Joe
Re:Real Mc Coy Sandwich Shop (Pittsburgh) 2013/07/03 17:35:42
I love gyros and have sampled them in many places. The gyros at the South Side Mike & Tony's are my favorite. (The ones downtown are a different matter.) However, instead I went to O'Leary's Diner next door to Mike & Tony's. Every now and then something reminds me of that show Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins and when that happens, I need to go to real dive, a place where Guy Fieri wouldn't be caught dead. O'Leary's fits the bill.