Lambert's Cafe

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2013/07/04 19:07:57 (permalink)

Lambert's Cafe

Home of the throwed rolls! If you have never ate at this place it is very good! There are only 3 locations though 2 in Missouri and 1 in Alabama. You put your hand in the air and wherever the roll thrower is he/she will throw it to ya so you better be ready! Then before your meal they walk around with side dishes tthat are very yummy, Fried Potatoes & Onions, Macaroni & Tomatoes, Black-Eyed Peas, Fried Okra, Hot Rolls & Sorghum, Apple Butter are the starters they give you then you get your meal with sides that are different than that is their website if you are ever around their 3 locations I highly advise it very great family and group place to go!


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    Re:Lambert's Cafe 2013/07/04 20:24:13 (permalink)
    Been there (the one in AL.)! This place is also mentioned on 41 other threads on Roadfood
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    Re:Lambert's Cafe 2013/07/04 23:16:52 (permalink)
    Lindalou, I ate at the Sikeston MO location about four years ago and my experience was just the opposite of yours. The food was mediocre at best, but what really ruined it for me was the tacky theatrical presentation; a keyboard player who never seemed to take a break and a "host" who spent all his time at the microphone announcing birthdays and anniversaries of the seated patrons.
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    Re:Lambert's Cafe 2013/07/05 01:45:33 (permalink)
    Mediocre food after an hour plus wait at the Ozarks location.
    But I can say I was there.
    They don't throw rolls to women!
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    Re:Lambert's Cafe 2013/07/10 21:10:26 (permalink)
    Wow sorry that I said something about this place! My experience in Ozark was very good cant say that any of the others are or are not. I lived there and so visited very often and I had rolls thrown to me! Idk sorry guys to bring this place up!
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    Re:Lambert's Cafe 2013/07/10 21:21:27 (permalink)
    Don't be sorry. You reported your experience at Lambert's, and that's what we do here. Others chime in. It's what's so great about Roadfood.
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    Re:Lambert's Cafe 2013/07/11 01:10:10 (permalink)
    Don't be sorry at all!
    It's an experience.  I think everyone should go there if going to Branson.
    Also...  it was fun.  I happened to have a bad waiter which tainted the experience.
    Read about it here:

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    Re:Lambert's Cafe 2013/07/11 01:24:19 (permalink)
    Lindalou, we look for the bad as well as the good. I planned on stopping several times at the one in AL, but every time we drove by there was a full parking lot and 10 tour buses. Not the experience I was looking for. I've settled on Biscuit King in Fairhope as the best place in that area to go.
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    Re:Lambert's Cafe 2013/07/12 12:39:08 (permalink)
    It's a fun experience, maybe just once, but you can say you've been there.
    It's a tourist place, you know that going in.

    I didn't go in expecting 'fine food', but laughed over catching the rolls, and had a good time.

    Our waitress was a great older gal and when I mentioned my entree was too salty, she comped it, and the manager stopped by
    To apologise, and said they pulled that pot off the line.

    All in all, I would return .
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    Re:Lambert's Cafe 2013/07/12 13:07:00 (permalink)
    Like Tumbleweed365, I look at my one visit (the original Sikeston, MO location) as an experience/I can say I've been there kind of thing.  The throwing of rolls around the restaurant was fun, but the food itself was dreadful.  Still, they pack them in, so they must be doing something right.
    Don't let anything said in this thread discourage you.  Thanks for starting the thread and we hope to hear much more from you!
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    Re:Lambert's Cafe 2013/07/12 17:19:13 (permalink)
    I was there once, the one between Springfield and Branson.  I was traveling trough by myself so they seated me right away.  The catfish I had was some of the best ever.  It was cooked just right, breaded just right and seasoned just right.  (I've had more than my share of overcooked, over breaded and over or under seasoned catfish.)  The sides were good and fresh, except for the mediocre rolls.  Good, quick and friendly service.
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    Re:Lambert's Cafe 2013/07/12 17:53:59 (permalink)
    I have been to the Foley, AL location.
    The food was decent, the crowds....
    but the fun in going is the spectacle of the throwed rolls and watching someone not pay attention and get hit by one.
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    Re:Lambert's Cafe 2013/08/19 08:29:23 (permalink)
    Lambert's Cafe is a quintessential Southern kitchen. We had stopped before 15 years ago. And the food was just excellent. We love the Lamberts in Ozark Mo. Delicious food, fun friendly atmosphere. Great place for kids and adults! Prices are great too. And ya gotta love the thrown rolls.
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    Re:Lambert's Cafe 2013/08/19 18:40:49 (permalink)
    I've been there several times.  It's a place designed for bus caravans loaded with tourists, as well as for those who aren't too particular about what they eat.  The "throwed rolls" part is just entertainment; it's what keeps them in business.  They don't pretend to be a place for the discriminating diner.
    The first meal I ever had there was country ham, which was so salty that even I couldn't eat it; it was more salt than ham.  But I've had better meals since.  Nonetheless, it's something unusual to go to; just put aside your critical culinary faculties when you enter their doors.
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