Junior Burger
2004/03/23 20:16:51

Let me tell about some real chicken in the East Texas area. It's called Pop's Honey Fried Chicken...there are several of these only in East Texas. Of course they specialize in Honey Fried Chicken...they have wonderful homemade yeast rolls the size of Dallas, and a cafeteria style line with assorted vegetables such as fried okra, corn on the cob,pinto beans, black eye peas, turnip greens, green bean casserole, brocoli and rice w/ cheese, chicken n dressing, dumplings, potatoe salad, cole slaw, stuffed eggs, stuffed jalepenos, english pea salad, homemade peach cobbler with soft serve ice cream on top. and of course corn bread. You can also get livers and gizzards to order. Wonderful Cream gravy and HOMEMADE mashed potatoes...no instant. They also have great mac and cheese.
You can also get hamburgers and frenchfries...they good. But go for the chicken. There is one in Chandler, Gun Barrel City, Terrell, Greenville, and Seagoville. Best chicken I ever had...beats Churches, KFC, Grandys and even Popeye's.
Lone Star
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RE: POP'S HONEY FRIED CHICKEN 2004/03/24 10:00:19
Thanks alice! I had never heard of this place before, but will now look for it when in those parts. Is there one in Beaumont?