Napa/Bay area to San Diego

Junior Burger
2013/07/07 11:40:30
Hello all,
I usually look to the forum anytime I am preparing to take a trip and normally find plenty of options without having to post. However I seem to be striking out with this location. I will be staying with a friend for a few days in Vacaville, CA before driving down to San Diego. Looking for any specific regional fare or road food must haves in the area. Thanks for your help!
Re:Napa/Bay area to San Diego 2013/07/07 15:27:20
A MUST is the Hitching Post II in Buellton. Be sure to reserve in advance! You'll thank me!
Filet Mignon
Re:Napa/Bay area to San Diego 2013/07/07 17:55:21
Santa Maria (includung the aforementioned Hitching Post) is famous for their barbecue.If you can, plan to hit Santa Maria on a Saturday morning through early afternoon, there will be groups, caterers and restaurants with grills up and down Broadway with everything from the traditional style to unique takes on how it is done. Barbecues include weber kettles and 40 foot catering grills built on a semitrailer chassis. It's a lot of fun to cruise up and down, trying one or more of the versions on Saturday.
Santa Maria barbecue
Filet Mignon
Re:Napa/Bay area to San Diego 2013/07/30 15:49:28
When I was in Vacaville one summer they were having a huge chili cookoff.
PS don't pick up hitch-hikers!
Otherwise if you can make it up to Sacramento, Biba's is amazing fancy Italian food, and Squeeze in has great cheeseburgers with that giant cheddar crisp like on the homepage today.
Are you looking for recommendations all the way down to SanDiego? Are you taking the 5 or the 1/101 ?