Square VS Paypal

Junior Burger
2013/07/07 19:27:08
I am just getting my plan all put together, picking locations and truly ready to puke before i make the plunge. I do have a question. I am going to take credit cards at my stand. So which is the best way to go? I have heard decent things about the square system but not sure how far it will take me. As far as paypal goes i have an account for peronal use already and have heard hou can use paypal and a tablet as your entire pos and order taking. Is anyone using. Either system fully?
Re:Square VS Paypal 2013/07/07 20:10:28
I asked this question a month or so ago. I use Flagship Merchant Services/Roam Pay and here is why. you decide
It works on Android devices as well 
Junior Burger
Re:Square VS Paypal 2013/07/07 20:14:56
Thanks. I will also search for your post
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Square VS Paypal 2013/07/08 00:54:05
I have been using Square for  over two years, never had a problem, several others on here will say the same.
There are others here that will tell you that they heard that their second cousin's uncle's brother in laws friend had a problem with square but don't have any first hand experience with problems.
Re:Square VS Paypal 2013/07/08 09:24:50
Be 100% sure the device you will use will work with the service you choose! After hours of research we bought a small tablet, only to find nothing would work with it. So my wife went with a smart phone that Verizon assured her would work with Square, but it doesn't! We went with Intuit. Stay away from these thieves. They advertise comparable rates to square, but have lots of hidden fees. We will be switching to the Paypal devise. We used a knuckle buster for years. We were told the electronic methods were cheaper. Not yet! 
Re:Square VS Paypal 2013/07/08 18:59:23
I use Square and frequently charge 3-5 orders a night on it. Swipe Saturday night and Monday my money arrives in my bank account. They take 2.5% which is hardly anything especially since it boosts your sales.
Buck & Vi's
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Square VS Paypal 2013/07/09 19:55:32
I've used square for almost 3 years, I recently upgraded to an I-pad and use there p.o.s system and it's great! it's easy to get around, set it up the way you want, you can use the I pad to swipe (although I am no able to at this time due to security reasons where i'm located) but my phone still works great for that, I am also able to track all my transactions on the I pad even those for credit cards. I can see what sells the best and even at what time are the busiest, as of yet they do not how ever offer any inventory control but I suspect it's around the corner. The down side is they have n phone  support everything has to be done thru e-mail.