Spring Trips 2013

Double Cheeseburger
2013/07/08 12:13:12

Hey gang
Sorry I’ve taken so long to post my trip review but I’ve been busy and had a lot of stuff to get through to do this.
Anyway, we had back to back trips, 10 days apart due to family commitments. This will be part one and will be about what we had on the journey.
I will do this in reverse order of enjoyment.
We gave into temptation when staying in Cinci and tried a mid west chain called Rooster’s. http://www.roosterswings.com/corporate/ If you see one from your hotel room and it’s not very far away, keep looking. It was like Hooter’s but not as good. Not as scenic either. The staff were really nice and they did put a hockey game on just for me. So service was good.
Any of these next three are pretty interchangeable and were downright solid. Nothing special but enjoyable none the less.
The Bluffton Dari Freeze is an old drive in just off I-75 and a nice stop. There’s very little made in house however they do a good job of sourcing out better quality items. (Quality dogs, ice cream, etc.)

The foot long dogs are very tasty. It’s a hot dog so expect as much. This isn’t a bland, over salty tube steak though. Nice and tasty. Sorry but no skin. They claim to have the "Best hot dogs east of the Mississippi.)

We also sampled deep fried mac n cheese which was tasty and their ice cream floats and sundaes are really good too. What you want to get though is the shredded chicken sandwich.

This regional specialty is as ubiquitous at local gatherings as sweet tea in the south. This specimen is pretty much like the basic recipe. Roasted, shredded chicken with cream of mushroom soup on a bun. It’s a nice spin on chicken salad and well worth ordering again.
The Rootbeer Stand in Cinci is always a good stop. I opted for the Big Ed which is a cheeseburger with warm deli ham.

There’s enough that the ham plays a co staring roll and is really quite a nice sandwich. The accompanying root beer float is so nice.
The Farmer’s Daughter in Urbana was up against it. I’ve been dying to hit Crabill’s and thought we had picked a good time. I checked the hours and we were good. So off we go only to find the posted hours didn’t match what was on line (not their fault. They didn’t post them on line). Denied one of those awesome looking burgers we hit FD.

The fried chicken is really good as is the meatloaf. Neither are anything that separates themselves from the heard but were well executed none the less.

What would bring me back is the cinnamon biscuits. Deep fried dough with cinnamon sugar that were flat out incredible.
A stop at Schmucker’s is always welcome. Mrs. Sippi can’t get by the roast beef sandwich and for good reason. I opted for the L. Erie Perch sandwich. I was a bit disappointed that it was a pre frozen piece but it was really good. Fish does do well frozen especially if you don’t do the volume to cut your own off a large piece. Tasty breading, delicate, creamy fish and an all around exellent sandwich. The Scutterbotch pie for dessert was just stupid good.

As you can expect, it's butterscotch and is incredibly good.

On any other trip, Rotiers may have been the highlight but it could only muster 3rd best.
Mrs. Sippi declared the Pimento Cheese sandwich as good as any she’s had. She did reengineer the sandwich to her tastes but for the spread itself, it was fantastic.

She also loved the Gizzards.

Good plain but much better with hot sauce. One of the owners said he loves them with the blue cheese dressing and a lady from the kitchen said they were best with gravy.

The Hershey Pie for dessert was really good as well. Not as decadent as I’d like but tasted like Hershey’s chocolate so well executed.
Let’s face it though, we were here for burgers. Simply put, these are very simple and very tasty. Just standard ground beef, no special blend, ground in house or any of that pretense. Make patties, season, put on griddle. Basic. Fantastic.
An even better burger can be had at Terry’s Turf Club in Cinci. This mecca of all things neon is a really cool place.

It’s probably in my top 5 burgers of all time. It tasted more like a steak sandwich than a burger.

Large, beefy and with a generous amount of bacon based on today’s standards. They cook to your specified doneness. They basically do one burger and a full page of modifiers. Some of them are very involved and full of pricy ingredients. Terry said on 3D that he'd rather lose money than sell something sub standard.

The single best meal of this trip, one of the best ever and clear cut winner was at Champy’s in Chattanooga. I’m really loving this place. The Crawfish Boil was simply incredible.

Mrs. Sippi declared it the best she’d had. The addition of mushrooms to the brew was a nice touch. They suck up the goodness as well as anything.
So there you go. Some really good eats on these road trips. Look for part II of this for the eats in and around Huntsville.

Double Cheeseburger
Re:Spring Trips 2013 2013/07/08 12:21:33
There are already reviews of Champy's, Schmuckers and The Root Beer Stand on my blog. They've both been updated to include the new items.
Here are Rotier's and Terry's.
Root-Beer Man
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Spring Trips 2013 2013/07/08 16:34:13
Glad to see you stopped in at Terry's. That's my favourite burger joint in the country, hands down. The mango curry sauce for their burgers is fantastic. Now, I've just got to work my way up to having a bowl of their tenderloin chili.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Spring Trips 2013 2013/07/08 17:46:24
Wow.  First, I love the look of the Dari Freeze with the soft serve cone out front.  Seems like they'd have some great sundaes there.  That shredded chicken sandwich seems like quite a relic--I'd like to try it out of curiosity.
Those fried cinnamon biscuits and scutterbotch pie look pretty awesome!!
My mom (from Tennessee) used to fry up gizzards.  No one else in our house fought her for them, either.
Fun report!!  Thanks for sharing.
Re:Spring Trips 2013 2013/07/08 18:29:55
Sorry you were "denied one of those awesome looking burgers" at Crabill's!  Actually, you would order not one, but 5 or 6 or more.......they're delicious two-bite sliders.  The past couple of weeks we've been talking about going there and we (I) keep procrastinating.  Only an hour drive for us......so probably this week. 
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Re:Spring Trips 2013 2013/07/08 19:27:19

Sorry you were "denied one of those awesome looking burgers" at Crabill's!  Actually, you would order not one, but 5 or 6 or more.......they're delicious two-bite sliders.  The past couple of weeks we've been talking about going there and we (I) keep procrastinating.  Only an hour drive for us......so probably this week. 

If you do go to Urbana there's a cool 100+ YO candy store right on the square. Same family has owned it from the start. Worth checking out for some retro candy.
Re:Spring Trips 2013 2013/07/08 23:31:11
Fantastic weekend getaway!  That peaches and cream pie looks/sounds fantastic!  Those dogs look great too!
Re:Spring Trips 2013 2013/07/09 10:20:27
The crawfish boil looks perfect for passing around the table!
I ate at the Springboro Rooster's last year and it was nothing special, although the scenery was decent.  Just like the food it must vary from location to location.
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Re:Spring Trips 2013 2013/07/20 10:07:15
Here is my review of New Market BBQ in New Market, Al.