Need advice on shipping hot dogs..

2013/07/09 21:14:24
My Mom's Birthday is coming. The food place I was going to get stuff from in Pennsylvania closed! Well, there's another place, but it's an hour further. No thanks.
So, I got the idea to drive to Mamaroneck, NY for Walter's Hot Dogs. Her Husband is from there.
My idea is to see if they will give me the dogs separate from the buns. Guess I'll put some paper towels in a Ziploc and put the dogs in there. In the other Ziploc I'll put the buns. They will give me mustard on the side, as they sell it in jars or bottles.
So, I was thinking in a 3rd and fourth Ziploc bag I'll put ice packs or gel packs and put those around the hot dogs.
It's being sent Express, which is 2 days travel to Hawaii.
Think this sounds okay? Dry ice is such a hassle to ship with.. need to get special box, get there before the dry ice place closes, then make it to the post office before they close, etc.
This way it'll be quick.. I'll have the box all ready to go. The shipping label all ready. Just get the hot dogs, shove them in, seal the box, and mail it. Then go back to order hot dogs of my own!
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Re:Need advice on shipping hot dogs.. 2013/07/09 22:56:06
Unless the hot dogs and regular ice (or "blue ice") are totally surounded by a minimum of 2 inches of solid styrofoam, there is no way it will keep cold for 2 days (one day, maybe).  My recent experience:  In one of the Coleman super-long-keeping coolers, I had some regular ice and blue ice with cold soda cans.  In just one day half of the ice melted to water, and the blue ice got mushy.  The cooler did not sit in the sun, and the room temperature never got above 80 degrees. 
What guarantee do you have that your box won't set on a shipping dock in the sun for a couple of hours somewhere along the line???
Re:Need advice on shipping hot dogs.. 2013/07/10 01:17:23
Are the dogs precooked? Makes a big difference.
Don't use the post office, Use UPS Next Day Air.
If they're precooked and shipped next day air with some Cold packs in the box they'll be fine.
the shipping may cost more than the dogs, etc.---but Hey! It's Mom's birthday right?
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Re:Need advice on shipping hot dogs.. 2013/07/11 09:59:44
I'm definitely using USPS. They're cheapest, but A LOT LESS than UPS or FedEx. Express service is 2 days and only $39.95.
I've shipped my Mom pizza from New York City before.. that was over $200. I believe I ordered 2 pies, but I might have got 4. I can't remember.
I hadn't even thought of freezing the dogs first, but I asked Hawk Krall's opinion as well and he says a friend shipped him dogs. They were on the bun, with mustard and chili I believe. He froze them and put them 4 to a Ziploc bag and some gel packs or something. They lasted the 3 to 4 day trip to him and arrived partially frozen. He gave me instructions on how he re-heated them.
Put a mug of water in the microwave as well. This helped remove some of the "microwave weirdness".
Re:Need advice on shipping hot dogs.. 2013/08/12 10:00:23
It's been awhile since I posted, but I wanted to share that my hot dogs arrived fine. I sent them priority mail (3 days to Hawaii) instead of express (2 days to Hawaii). I couldn't fit the mustard in the box and forgot, so I shipped it separate. The problem was the pickup was happening at 1PM. She said she'd make sure the hot dogs got on that truck, but I couldn't package and fill out the address in time to get the mustard on that truck, so it left at 4:30PM. The difference in time is the hot dogs got there in 3 days, mustard in 5 days.
I was !just! able to fit 12 hot dogs and some gel packs in a large box and it was bulging a bit.
I froze the dogs, I think I fit 6 in a large zip lock bag. I froze the gel packs and put them in zip locks as well. Layered them, gel, dogs, dogs, gel. I couldn't fit any more in. Around that whole thing I wrapped a plastic bag and taped it up.
I should have sent them express, but it was $39.95 opposed to under half that Priority. 
The dogs arrived, thawed out, but they didn't feel hot as if they were sitting in a hot truck somewhere. My Mom ate them and she's still alive.
The dogs arrived on a Thursday and her Husband called and said "What are you having for lunch?". He never calls and says that. After the phone call my Mom realized he was hinting if the hot dogs came or not. He got home that night and didn't want to eat them until the mustard arrived.
Next time definitely express.