Preparing hot dogs 101????

Junior Burger
2013/07/10 09:40:22
I recently acquired a snow cone drive thru.  I would like to offer hot dogs so that I can keep it open year around.  Unfortunately, I know nothing about cooking hotdogs in a commercial setting.  What type of machine/cooker do I use?  How do I keep the hot dogs from over cooking if I purchase a steamer? How do I steam the buns?  Should I get a hot dog roller? Where should I purchase the chili and cheese?  So many questions......Your advice will be greatly appreciated. 
Junior Burger
Re:Preparing hot dogs 101???? 2013/07/10 10:24:26
I steam mine then after they defrost and come up to temp I place them in a bath of my secret recipe :) and serve them from there.  I also don't steam my buns they get too soggy really quickly but I keep them in a stainless steal steamer tray on the counter with a lid in the bag.  It gets so hot out here they kind of steam in the bag a bit and don't dry out.  I by Hormel no bean chili and i will throw the juice from the sport peppers in it to spice it up a bit.  As for cheese I was using soft cheddar and just placing it in a steamer tray but my dad talked me into using shredded cheese and my customers seem to like that better but I am not sure what cheese to use either lol the Jury is still out on that one.  Good luck with the snow cone thing my dad had a snow cone trailer back in Austin and sold it before he moved to Phoenix then we decided to do a hot dog push cart.  I wish he kept it he did okay would be great out here.
Junior Burger
Re:Preparing hot dogs 101???? 2013/07/10 14:39:32
Thanks for the info you shared!  I lived in Phoenix for 6 years and dearly miss it. :-(
Re:Preparing hot dogs 101???? 2013/07/10 15:24:38
I'll never understand how someone can miss 110 to 118 degree area anywhere on earth. I hate when it gets to about 68. If you ever want to torcher me, just give me the greatest swankiest hotel suite anywhere in Arizona where it is 110 to 118 degrees and I'll tell you all of the top secrets I know to get me away from there. LOL
Whew!! I'm sweating just thinking about it and I'm sitting in my 70 degree living room playing with the computer. WOW. I can't stand it!!!
Junior Burger
Re:Preparing hot dogs 101???? 2013/07/12 09:53:56
You forget about the 8 months of awesome weather! :-)  Flip flops year around and 300 days of guaranteed sunshine.  We are on our 19th day of rain here in NC.  Yuck!
Re:Preparing hot dogs 101???? 2013/07/12 11:34:38
I bought a Korg keyboard and made a great musician friend out of Sun City. He's back in Chicago now where he is from. He'd call and want to know the temp. I say it's 75. He say you should be here. It's 116 and perfect. I always assumed he was in his 68 degree living room when he was talking like.  No?
At  100 here where I live I can't even speak when it hits 100. I have the swamp cooler on high and a fan pointing right at me while watching westerns on youtube. How much do you have to weigh to enjoy 116 degrees. 95 lbs?
Please describe this 8 month period of perfect weather for me eh?Please don't describe the dry climate. Where I live it would be a complete desert if it weren't for the man made irrigation ditches.
Re:Preparing hot dogs 101???? 2013/07/12 22:21:46
You just need to put Hot Dogs in the search box and you'll get THOUSANDS of posts on the topic.
You'll be retired before you can read them all.
Incidentally the first Haboob just came thru today and the Monsoon season is about to begin!!
Google them to see what I'm talking about if you're not familiar with the terms.
Wouldn't trade living in AZ for any place on the planet! 
Filet Mignon
Re:Preparing hot dogs 101???? 2013/07/13 12:25:15
The paint color chart at Home Depot in Phoenix and Scottsdale, must be 50 shades of brown..................
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Preparing hot dogs 101???? 2013/07/13 12:35:30
They have a green in there, too. It's to remind people what the habitable world looks like.
Re:Preparing hot dogs 101???? 2013/07/13 17:04:44
C'mon Guys! We have plenty of Greenery in the Valley of the Sun!
AND there are over 200 Golf Courses all beautiful green!
Many Subdivisions have lakes.
My subdivision is called Val Vista LAKES! AND there's boats on it!
Check the pictures!
Junior Burger
Re:Preparing hot dogs 101???? 2013/07/14 09:07:55
Thanks for the information pnwchef!  Yes, I plan to move back to Chandler one day.  I miss wearing my flip flops while most of the country is snowed in. :-) 
Re:Preparing hot dogs 101???? 2013/07/19 21:34:44
When the power goes out in Phoenix for 30 days some summer, see how many stay...
Re:Preparing hot dogs 101???? 2013/07/20 00:17:53
Make a dog boat and tell them you deliver