Bonaparte's Retreat, Napoleon Indiana - SEI Fried Chicken

2013/07/18 16:22:59
Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with the one and only SCREAMINGCHICKEN while he was on his annual road trip.  I suggested we meet up at Bonaparte's Retreat in Napoleon, IN.  They are listed on the South Eastern Indiana Fried Chicken Trail, and from past experience I knew they have good fried chicken.
I was all set, I headed out a little early so I could be there when Brad arrived.  OK so "A little early" is a bit of a misstatement, I got there 24 hours early.    I hit the wrong date when entering it into my phone.  However all was not lost, I was in Napoleon, and I was going to get something to eat.  I knew they have great fried chicken, and they also have a great BPT sandwich.  I knew there was no way I was going to be able to eat both so this error was actually a blessing in disguise.  I could eat the BPT today and then have Chicken with Brad tomorrow.
So without further delay:
Bonaparte's Retreat
8961 N US 421
Napoleon, IN
As i said I got there a day early so I had time to look over the menu a little better and listen to the local gossip around town.  I also thoroughly enjoyed a younger couple and his story about his neighbor who took a shot at his dog and how he was going into psy-op warfare on the guy.
(the couple was not a local couple they were townies from Indy)  I did hear a bit of news that i didnt expect though, the Napoleon Tavern (another good fried chicken place in town, ok right across the street) was for sale, so if anyone would like a tavern, come and get it.
OK OK back to the main event, you have seen the building now it's time for the menu.

Ok enough about the menu.  The story of the restaurant tells about one of the owners also owning the local lumber company, so white oak was very easy for them to obtain.

There is quite a collection of Napoleon items, and other nautical items too the oil painting of the man himself was beautiful, but hey were here for the food.
Today was Breaded Pork Tenderloin time.

The hand pounded and breaded loin was wonderfully moist, and had the taste of pork.  So many of them either have no taste at all, or you taste the breading more than anything else.  This BPT was the perfect combination.  This tenderloin was not pounded as flat as some either this was a nice 5/8" thick and a good bite.
After finishing my sandwich I headed out to two local cemeteries as I had my camera with me I might as well get some gravestone shots for my other hobby ( photographing cemeteries and geneaology.
Well.... I took over 400 pictures that afternoon, the weather was near perfect, the heat had not quite made it into the area yet, there was an afternoons chance of pop up thunderstorms, and the humidity was not opressive either, so a good day to walk amongst the stones an take some pictures.
Well....  When I got back to my computer (in my rush to be a day early) I didnt check to see if the two cemeteries in Napoleon needed to be photographed.  Yup you guessed it, all 400 + photos and every single one of the graves had been photographed already! 
Oh well, like I said it was a great day to be out.
The next day, I did meet up with SCREAMINGCHICKEN for our meal of FRIED CHICKEN.  The service was great and our orders were taken quickly.  Now CTD don't fall off your computer chair but.....

A nice side salad - Ok I was going to have the mashed potatoes and gravy but they were out " />  How do you run out of mashed potatoes and gravy?  Like I said though I do like a side salad every now and then.
We both ordered the fried chicken, Brad ordered just chicken as he had other stops to make during the day, and I had the 1/2 Chicken Dinner with salad and mac and cheese bites.

The chicken was wonderfully tender and juicy the crust on the chicken was light and crispy, just enough pepper and salt to make you want to order a side of chicken skin (if they had it).
We both polished off our chicken and it took several napkins to clean our hands and faces so YES, it was good.  Brad and I talked a bit more before he had to hit the road and head towards Lebanon, OH.
It was good to meet Screamingchicken and get to break bread with him.  I look forward to his next trip through the area and maybe another chicken adventure.
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Michael Hoffman
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Re:Bonaparte's Retreat, Napoleon Indiana - SEI Fried Chicken 2013/07/18 17:52:52
Did you get to see Kay Starr?
Met the man I love
In a town way down in Dixie
'Neath the stars above
He was the sweetest man you ever did see
When he held me in his arms
And told me of my many charms
He kissed me while the fiddles played
The Bonaparte's Retreat
Re:Bonaparte's Retreat, Napoleon Indiana - SEI Fried Chicken 2013/07/18 18:17:34
No Kay Starr on this trip or Pee Wee King.  Although she is a great Jazz singer. 
I actually remember the fiddle version of the song better than the later versions recorded by many.  The fiddle version was used as the basis for part of Aaron Copland's Rodeo.
I also just love the fiddle version by its self too.
Michael Hoffman
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Re:Bonaparte's Retreat, Napoleon Indiana - SEI Fried Chicken 2013/07/18 18:20:53
I've never heard that.
Re:Bonaparte's Retreat, Napoleon Indiana - SEI Fried Chicken 2013/07/18 18:24:31
Michael Hoffman

I've never heard that.

Yes you have, you just dont realize that you have heard it.
it's been used for MANY commercials and movies.
Re:Bonaparte's Retreat, Napoleon Indiana - SEI Fried Chicken 2013/07/19 09:16:26
It was nice to be able to meet Donald and share a meal, and his suggestion of Bonaparte's Retreat was on the money - the chicken was exactly as he described.  The day before had been quite rainy but the weather had broken by that morning; in fact, the whole weekend was quite pleasant for southern Indiana and Ohio.  I wish I could've sampled some of the side dishes or maybe even a BPT but with several hours of driving and a chili stop ahead of me I decided to play it safe.
I can only surmise that there must've been an unusually high demand for gravy the night before and the kitchen hadn't recovered yet!