Fayetteville NC

Junior Burger
2013/07/27 16:33:16
Ok next Weds I'm driving down to Kissimmee Fla and will be staying overnight in Fayetteville NC any ideas for a good steak house down there ?
I'll be going from my place in Orange County NY taking 84w to 81 south and stopping off for  some leg stretching in Harpers Ferry WV for lunch (any recommendations here also) I have always want to take a peek there lol.
Then down to Fayetteville and sleeping over there.  
Thanks in advance I know I wont be let down I have asked in the past on out of state trips and my roadfood friends have always come through for me.
Re:Fayetteville NC 2013/07/27 17:05:02
On the route but Just North of Fayetteville
Re:Fayetteville NC 2013/07/27 17:22:47
lb18532 - Locals will tell you Chris' Open Hearth Steak and Seafood.  It is pricey, the interior reminds me of 70's decor, wood panelling dark in color.  The food is hit or miss I have had great and I have had some there that was a BIG MISS.
Then there is the new comer The Mash House Brewery and Chop House.  It is PRICEY, but they have great steaks and the brewery if you like an adult beverage to go with your steak.
Im sure both have websites, you can look them up.  Hope this helps.
Junior Burger
Re:Fayetteville NC 2013/08/07 22:58:12
ok I went with the Mash House brewery in Fayetteville the baby backs just slid off the bone and was great the atmoshphere was very nice and the funny part what ever we ordered was the waiter favorite also go figure lol. I would recommend it to others and it was only about 7 mins from my hotel by car.
on another note on the way back we stopped off in Savannah and came out the back on route 17 to 95 we stopped off for gas before hopping on 95 north well right next door was a little shack that said chicin lickin best southern fried chicken I knew I would like it when I has to pull the door open it was stuck a little bit I looked inside and saw a few locals in it and a table as you walk in with those huge goblets with ice tea,lemonade and peach cider it was nothing fancy at all I look at the menu on the wall and see the sign grab bag $2.50 I asked and it was 2 pieces of chicken and a biscuit so I asked for 3 and she said no problem , I get back into the car and was about to drive away and eat while driving the wife yells at me so we sat in the lot to eat it it was GREAT I ended up going back for a few more pieces lol, even my wife said it was some of the best chicken she had lol they are right off 95 in sc pretty sure it was exit 7  16161 Whyte Hardee Blvd, Hardeeville, SC 29927

Double Cheeseburger
Re:Fayetteville NC 2014/04/14 13:39:43
I thought I'd resurrect this thread since I'll be passing though Fayetteville on I-95 to and from on a trip to visit some of the big boys of Eastern NC BBQ later in the year (Parker's, Skylight Inn, etc).  Both going and coming home (Friday and Saturday), I'll be in the Fayetteville area in the mid-afternoon.
BBQ is not as essential in this town for me as I have lots ahead of me to plan for, but if there are any can't-miss businesses, I'd like to know about them.  Also any classic canopied drive-ins, surviving Shrimp Boat buildings, fun roadside architecture, small regional chains - I know about Baldino's and may try the original store - anything worth a short, inexpensive break from the road.  Thanks!