Copper Harbor and Marquette MI

2013/07/31 17:49:14
We'll be spending several days in Copper Harbor and Marquette MI. Any recs for good food in either or both places? TIA
Re:Copper Harbor and Marquette MI 2013/07/31 20:08:00
We were in Copper Harbor in May when snow was still on the ground and they lakes were still frozen over. We had dinner at the Mariner North and I had this smoked Lake Superior smoked Trout pizza. You have to have a taste for something different and smoked trout pizza is very unique and probably not found in many other places. In May the Mariner North was the only thing open.

We didn't stop in Marquette but we did stop in Houghton at the Suomi Restaurant and had their beef pasty. Again, Suomi was a unique place.