Charlie's Pool Room fund Raiser

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2013/08/03 07:35:28
Jammin for Jersey is holding a fund raiser for Charlie's Pool Room on August 25 in High Bridge, NJ. Check out the link below.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Charlie's Pool Room fund Raiser 2013/08/05 09:45:35
Excellent!  Thanks for making us aware of this good cause agnesrob.  Sure do wish I could be there.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Charlie's Pool Room fund Raiser 2013/08/24 12:02:41
Just a reminder that this is tomorrow. Our block is having a block party but I'm figuring that by 3PM or so I will be tired of screaming kids (my kids stopped screaming years ago) and non-stop salsa music and we will head out there for an hour or two. It's only aboout 30 minutes away for us.
Here's another article about the event:
There's not a whole lot about this event on the Web. The Jamming for Jersey site really doesn't go into much detail, but according to one site I found, Joe and John WILL be there and WILL be serving their famous dogs. I surely hope so.