Charlie's Pool Room fund Raiser

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2013/08/03 07:53:52
I posted this in Roadfood News but thought it would be worth it to repost here so it would not be missed.
Jammin for Jersey is holding a fund raiser for Charlie's Pool Room on August 25 in High Bridge, NJ. Check out the link below.
Re:Charlie's Pool Room fund Raiser 2013/08/10 15:46:55
We'll be there to support the brothers!
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Re:Charlie's Pool Room fund Raiser 2013/08/24 12:05:33
I hardly ever cross-post but I'm doing it this time to get this thread at the top again since it's for a good cause:
<<Just a reminder that this is tomorrow. Our block is having a block party but I'm figuring that by 3PM or so I will be tired of screaming kids (my kids stopped screaming years ago) and non-stop salsa music and we will head out there for an hour or two. It's only about 30 minutes away for us.

Here's another article about the event:

There's not a whole lot about this event on the Web. The Jamming for Jersey site really doesn't go into much detail, but according to one site I found, Joe and John WILL be there and WILL be serving their famous dogs. I surely hope so.
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Re:Charlie's Pool Room fund Raiser 2013/08/24 14:35:50
Benzee posted on Hot Dog Nation that a donation can be sent. I will find out how for those that cannot attend but still want to help.
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Re:Charlie's Pool Room fund Raiser 2013/08/27 10:34:35
Just a quick report on this. We got there at about 3PM (it started at 1) and it's a good thing we did. Although Joe & John were not there yet, Charlies Hot dogs were being served. There was quite a line for the Hot dogs, but with an assembly line of 3 or 4 guys preparing Hot Dogs the Charlies way, on 3 skillets, the line moved quickly (i.e. much quicker service than at Charlies...), but by 3:30 they had run out of Hot dogs. I overheard someone say that they had sold 300 hot dogs in 2 1/2 hours. So, at $3 each, hopefully that alone raised some decent money for the Boys.
Joe & John arrived at about 4 and were greeted like Rock Stars. It was so nice to see. People hugging them, posing for pictures, wishing them well. As far as I know they did not give a speech or anything, we left around 5:30, the event didn't end until 7.
I'd guess there were about 200 people who attended at $10 donation per person. Since there were 6 bands (we stayed for 3, one of which, Electric Gumbo, was terrific), it's not clear whether everyone was a paying customer, or just a band member or organizer. I have no idea of the finances, i.e. whether than bands donated their time or were paid, but all in all, I'm sure some of the admission money and raffle money will get to Joe and John. I believe some of the beer money went to the Charlies fund as well. I helped out a little with that profit center too, Circa has a great draft selection...
The event was very well run, it was a beautiful day to be outside, enjoying Charlies Hot Dogs and listening to live music, and for a good cause yet.
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Re:Charlie's Pool Room fund Raiser 2013/08/27 10:55:59
Excellent!  Drawing about 200 people is impressive.  Thanks so much for the update.