Cornelia, GA

2013/08/04 08:58:57
Went to Cornelia, Georgia to see my daughter who is going to Piedmont College there. I stayed at a hotel close to the highway (a Super 8 that wasn't so super!) I asked the nice lady at the front desk what my eating options were. She said right behind us is a place called Ribeyes, I hear they are good! I went, and it is tucked into the woods within walking distance of the hotel. I'm glad I did. My son had a ribeye that was cooked to perfection and melted in your mouth. I had the cowboy burger which had grilled onions bbq sauce and sharp cheddar cheese. It was a fantastic burger! My daughter wasn't very hungry so she got an appetizer of loaded french fries. Fries weren't the frozen variety, in-house cut and beautifully topped with cheddar cheese, chili and crumbled bacon. To anyone passing through Cornelia, I recommend it. 
Re:Cornelia, GA 2013/08/04 15:04:22
Sounds like a great meal that helped make up for the accommodations!
ann peeples
Re:Cornelia, GA 2013/08/04 19:56:19
Thanks, Kevin-love hearing about treasures I can put in my book of places should I pass thru-honestly!