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2013/08/11 12:18:54
I decided to scrap my Keurig. Pay too much for the available coffees, and isn't environmentally friendly. I only have to make a travel mug a day on weekdays to get to the office where I can partake in very mundane coffee anytime! So, I went with the Aeropress. It's a spin on a french press. The thing works fantastic!!! I've got my brew dialed in after a few days to get it just the way I want, low cost, low maintenance, and great results!
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Re:Coffee maker 2013/08/11 12:41:46
The Aerobie AeroPress is a very smart choice! I've been using mine for about three years and, love it! There's a (very short) learning curve to make your coffee just the way you like. But it's well worth it once you've mastered it. I paid 29.95 on Amazon. But, I think Bed, Bath, & Beyond stocks them now and, you can use one of their 20% off coupons if you have one. I like to grind Peet's, French Roast whole beans on the espresso setting of my coffee grinder for best results.
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Re:Coffee maker 2013/08/11 12:51:17
A very good instructional video for the AeroPress ~
Btw, Bed, Bath, & Beyond sells it for $26.99 and then you can take 20% off with a coupon.