Frozen Bread

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2013/08/13 18:14:40
Does anyone making sandwiches tried the frozen par-baked baguettes or other rolls?
Re:Frozen Bread 2013/08/13 18:56:04
Not me.  Not in my restaurants.  Not in my home. 
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Re:Frozen Bread 2013/08/13 19:51:42
A good par baked and properly frozen par baked roll is very difficult to discern from a fresh baked version of the same roll.  It really depends on your source for the baked goods and the equipment you use to finish bake.  Its a very good alternative to purchased full baked breads, when you have a very uneven service.  Baking par baked takes a short amount of time, can be done in small batches and I can pretty much guarantee it will yield a product superior to purchased rolls.  But it depends on the source, if your buying big box store par baked crap then crap in crap out.  If you find a good baker that has formulas set up for par baking its a very good option.  Many good deli's use par baked products.
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Re:Frozen Bread 2013/08/13 20:04:43
What type of sands are you doing?
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Re:Frozen Bread 2013/08/13 20:16:05
@RodBangkok - That is what I've heard and I know that Publix Supermarket uses par-baked in their deli and they have great rolls.
@chefbuba - An assortment. Pork Belly BLT, Jerked Chicken, a twist on a classic cheese steak, etc.

Re:Frozen Bread 2013/08/13 20:58:07
Par baked bread really can be a great thing.  Like you said Publix is a great example and there is a little ole bakery in Los Angeles that kills it with par baked items.  Called La Brea-very well known, huge distribution and killer products.  I recommend trying as many brands as you can to see what you like and what fits you and then take it from there.  Sure beats buying fresh and having to toss the stuff that you can't sell