95 in Georgia

Junior Burger
2013/08/15 07:49:53
Any good lunch places not far off of 95 in Georgia? How about ice cream?
Junior Burger
Re:95 in Georgia 2013/08/15 08:30:42
YES!!!!  Skipper's Fish Camp in Darien, in between Savannah and Brunswick (Golden Isles), CAN'T MISS!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:95 in Georgia 2013/08/15 08:32:21
Second exit going north from FLA in Kingsland, Aunt B's Southern Style. Left there with many a food coma and had to try to work in the afternoon. Used to be a really good BBQ place just off the exit ramp but I believe it's gone. There are several really good places in St. Mary's if you're willing to drive to the end of Village Drive.
The Travelin Man
Filet Mignon
Re:95 in Georgia 2013/08/15 09:04:22
I am not sure what your definition of "not far" off I-95 would include, but Savannah is a quick drive across I-16 from I-95. In Savannah, there is Leopold's, which is some of the finest homemade ice cream around. 
Re:95 in Georgia 2013/08/15 12:31:03
Also in Darien ,B&J's steak and seafood. Try the buffet or the shrimp basket. Also as mentioned Skippers is very good and is on the riverfront. It is just a short walk to the dock.
Big Frank
Re:95 in Georgia 2013/08/15 12:37:30
I agree with The Travelin Man about Leopold's. The ice cream is worth standing in line for.