Side Dishes on a Cart.

Double Cheeseburger
2013/08/19 16:53:54
As the cooler weather rolls around, I was thinking of offering some awesome BBQ Beans to go along with the dogs. My daily site is like a drive-thru, so it's not like where people can only eat what they can while they are walking. Most eat in their cars or just standing around the cart.
Anyone have any luck with this?
Re:Side Dishes on a Cart. 2013/08/19 17:37:42
No experience but I think it sounds like a great idea.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Side Dishes on a Cart. 2013/08/19 17:46:16
I don't know the beans will go over, but I do think 'boiled peanuts" will sell as a snack.     Boil 'em at hold'em and reheat on the cart;  or reheat the canned boiled peanuts.   ... heck try both  ...
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Re:Side Dishes on a Cart. 2013/09/12 21:34:22
I do a couple different soups when it gets cold. Always sell good. Have also done haluski and mac-n-cheese.
Re:Side Dishes on a Cart. 2013/09/17 21:22:38
If the beans are THAT awesome I would think it MIGHT be worth a try. Sounds like a lot of hassle though, unless you can really profit on them including your time invested.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Side Dishes on a Cart. 2013/09/18 09:12:38
Not much hassle or time....
Two ways to do it.
One, make a big batch from scratch and freeze it in one qt. bags.Throw everything together and it cooks itself. If it doesn't sell I've got beans to last the winter.
Two, use canned beans and kick them up a notch with pre-cooked rib meat or pulled pork. Can be done right on the cart.
Can offer to cut up a weenie into it or use it as a topping instead of chili.
Biggest hassle would be finding the best container to serve in.