Kenosha WI

Junior Burger
2013/09/01 09:31:33
(Please also see my other post in the Trip Reports forum "Eating in Kenosha WI")
Well, I sold my house in Libertyville IL and I’m living temporarily in a townhome in Kenosha WI.
I plan to try just about every restaurant in Kenosha, hopefully sorted in order by Roadfood cred, so I’m asking for advice on not only “Where Should I Eat” but also “What Should I Eat?” … at your recommended restaurant(s), which specific item(s) do you suggest that I try?
I’ve already started the list below.  Let me know your ideas and I’ll add them to my list! For the restaurants and items on the list so far, do you notice anything that is missing, over-rated or mis-guided?
Also, the plan is not formed yet regarding pizza.  What pizza do you recommend?
Frank’s Diner try the “Garbage Plate”
Andy’s Drive-In try the hamburger
Spot Drive-In try the hamburger and root beer
Big Star Drive-In try the hamburger
Ron’s Place try the hamburger
The Coffee Pot try the corned beef hash and the “house toast”
Tenuta’s Delicatessen and Liquor
Lenci’s Deli try Meatball Bomber with Provolone
Andrea's try the soup and the ice cream
Grateful Dog
Marina Gardens
Gateway Restaurant
Jack's Cozy Café
Interstate Dogs
Brat Stop
Trolley Dogs
Char’s Café
Daily Dose
House of Gerhard
Hillcrest Family Restaurant
Danny’s Café
Baker Street
Re:Kenosha WI 2013/09/17 14:07:48
For my daughter's birthday this coming Sunday we're going to the outlet mall in Pleasant Prairie.  The area has a proliferation of chain restaurants so are there any places other worth visiting?  I'm committed to a White Castle stop but the rest of the family will probably want something else.
I suppose I could drop them at the mall and do my own little tour, and then at the end of the day see if they outspent me." />
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ann peeples
Re:Kenosha WI 2013/09/18 09:08:19
imthemom-good list so far....I visit Kenosha often as my best friend lives there. I will ask her opinion on a good pizza place....... Brad-a trip to Tenutas is a must. When I go there-I always buy their Italian Beef with au jus-their deli area is fantastic-take your time to see all their great offerings.
Junior Burger
Re:Kenosha WI 2013/11/08 19:33:43
For pizza, one without question is Wells Brothers in Racine.  Paper thin tavern style (like Chicago) pizza.  It is in a rough part of town, but they actually have police that watch the parking lot (which makes it actually safer than anywhere else) and the people that go there are not from the local neighborhood if you catch my drift!  Mike and Angelo's is another one that's good in Racine.  
As far as Kenosha itself goes, I haven't had any pizza there yet, but one place I've been told to try is Antonio's 5-Fifty Pizza Pub at 2410 52nd St.  Another tavern style thin crust that is common to Wisconsin and Chicago.