Best Burgers In Smashville, TN

2013/09/01 18:39:19
Since I will be spending some extended time in Nashville, TN this fall, I am making a list and checking it twice on the best burgers in the Nashville, TN area.
Here are my choices so far:
Gabby's Burger & Fries
The Pharmacy Burger Parlor
Burger Up
Fat Mo's (The Original Owner is back in Smyrna)
Paradise Park Trailer Resort
McCabes Pub
Twin Kegs
Mad Donna's
McNamara's Irish Pub
Puckett's Grocery
Dog of Nashville
M & V Famous Soul (Smyrna)
Brown's Diner
Pour House
Melrose Pub
Capitol Grille ($$$$$$)
Burger Republic
Betty's Grill
Bobbies Dairy Dip
Wise Burger
Back Yard Burger
360 Burger
Gold Rush
Jim's Coney Island - Let's Eat
Flyte World Dining & Wine ($$$$$)
1808 Grille
Past Perfect
The Wild Hare
BB Kings Blues Club
Any opinions would be greatly appreciated to help me whittle down my list to a manageable 20 or so
I have searched the local blogs and papers for their input now I want your input as well.
I know Davwud should have some input on some of these (Brown's Diner) and and know there are many more opinions out there.
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Double Cheeseburger
Re:Best Burgers In Smashville, TN 2013/09/01 20:07:52
No, Davwud can recommend Brown's Diner and most certainly Rotier's but I've never been to Betty's.
Re:Best Burgers In Smashville, TN 2013/09/01 20:37:25
Got it fixed in my list, I remembered it was a diner that you posted about in your blog
Poverty Pete
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Best Burgers In Smashville, TN 2013/09/01 23:44:09
Gabby's is good.   The lamb burger at Burger Up is so salty, as to make it completely inedible.
Back Yard burgers also tend to be very salty.
   The Pharmacy is my go-to burger in Nashville.  Go for lunch, though.  Customers  have been held up at gunpoint after dark, walking back to their cars.
The best sandwich at M.L.Rose is the ribeye w/ smoked gouda.