Pizza by the Slice Trailer

2013/09/03 17:04:16
We have operated a concession trailer for about 10 years.  We specialize in Frozen, Slushee type drinks and fountain drinks.  The only food items we sell is chocolate covered cheesecake and chocolate covered bananas, both frozen.  We normally work county fairs and 2 or 3 day events in towns with less than 20,000 people.  We operate about 45 to 50 days a year from May thru September.  Next season I am thinking about adding a 2nd trailer and it would be a "Fresh Baked" Pizza by the Slice trailer.  I already own a 20' trailer with 2 serving windows that can easily be converted.
I would like to hear from any vendors who operate a Pizza by the Slice trailer also what type of equipment they are using and what they are charging.   Thanks.
Mike S.
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