Food truck or food cart?

food truck guy
Junior Burger
2013/09/05 06:41:59
I like food trucks?
Junior Burger
Re:Food truck or food cart? 2013/09/11 05:33:47
Jefferson City,Missouri, just allowed food trucks to supplement public school cafeterias.
i would welcome such on the side of town where i work in that eatery selections are few and far between, and one of the most patronized is still under repair from a January fire.
when i worked at a certain late and unlamented bank in metro Dearborn 1986-87 we had a food truck that dropped by every day as part of its circuit.
they have a worthwhile purpose in the culinary world.
btw, not really a food truck, there was some movie about a guy trapped outside of his place in New York City being chased by some vigilantes who commandeer a Mr. Softee ice cream truck. you could substitute a food truck and it would still be as funy.