Where Presidents Eat Steakl??

Junior Burger
2013/09/05 15:38:15
Over ten years ago, Southern Living ran a story of a small, off the beaten track steak house in the middle of nowhere in either Mississippi or Alabama that several Presidents have gone out of their way to eat at.  I remember the description of the restaurant as rustic and small but with incredible steaks.  I know Doe's has a great following, but I'm not sure that was the place.  Anyone have any guess or knowledge of where Presidents have snuck off for a great steak in either state ?  I was not smart enough to keep the article and Southern Living could not find it.  Thanks!  
The Travelin Man
Filet Mignon
Re:Where Presidents Eat Steakl?? 2013/09/05 15:55:23
If it is Mississippi, it is likely Doe's Eat Place, as their original location was in Greenville, MS. President Clinton was known to frequent the Little Rock location when he was the Governor of Arkansas, and in subsequent trips back to Little Rock. Most of the waitstaff there has been around long enough to tell stories of Gov/Pres Clinton's visits.
Junior Burger
Re:Where Presidents Eat Steakl?? 2013/09/05 16:22:28
Thanks very much TTM!  Appreciate your insight!