New places in L.A.

Junior Burger
2013/09/07 23:30:12
Anyone have any suggestions for newer places in Los Angeles over the next couple of days? I get out here bi-annually so have tried most of the roadfood staples. Would appreciate any suggestions for places that have cropped up particularly over the last couple of years as the last two trips have been "catch up" ones.

Already done: Top Round, Bossa Nova (mini-chain, I know), El Taurino (not new but had never been), Mozza (too outrageously expensive to be road food but nevertheless decent). I will post a mini trip report complete with incompetent photos.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:New places in L.A. 2013/09/09 08:20:49
If you haven't been, I highly recommend WurstKuche, followed by a walk across the street to Pie Hole
Re:New places in L.A. 2013/09/09 16:07:05
Speaking of sausage, I really like this place:
Filet Mignon
Re:New places in L.A. 2013/09/10 01:39:27
looks like a keel place Mar!
Junior Burger
Re:New places in L.A. 2013/09/10 11:23:55
Thanks BB and Mar. We did end up hitting Wurstkuche (pretty decent) but are leaving Seoul for next time as we'd had our fill and more of Korean the night before.