LED bulbs?

2013/09/08 20:14:07
Is anyone using LED light bulbs in traditional incandescent applications?  I have a couple of lights that get turned on and off frequently so they're not good candidates for CFLs, and I'm thinking about LEDs instead.
Re:LED bulbs? 2013/09/08 22:29:48
I have a few LEDs in the house and am converting my lights in my RV to LED. They are the most energy efficient and burn cooler than anything else. The price has come down but not down enough to suit me.
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Re:LED bulbs? 2013/09/09 09:05:49
The lights in our house I've replaced with LEDs are the ones that get turned on and stay on the longest.  The energy efficiency and longer lifespan makes them good candidates for this.  They are still pretty pricey though.
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Re:LED bulbs? 2013/09/09 10:34:57
Whenever an incandescent flood or spotlight goes down we replae it with CFL versions that we buy at a fairly reasonable price from Costco.  Several of these are on every night, all night and I have only had one burn out in seven years.
We also have a number of the 'curly-Q' CFL's in normal lamp-type use.  They have been lasting years as well.  Ideally, I'd like to replace them with LED's as that technology has been getting better and the prices are finally falling.  But, they haven't fallen far enough to justify a switch-over.  As one can now buy a decent 60"  flat-screen TV for a grand, there is definitely "hope".