LP Deep Fryers - Cost per hour to run

Junior Burger
2013/09/26 02:09:10
I have a new food cart that has been open for business for less than a month. Main menu item is wings, and I am currently baking them. This of course does not result in a crispy wing. So I am leaning heavily toward converting to deep fryers.
My research so far has told me that a counter top unit just will not be sufficient. This leads me to propane deep fryers. What I cannot find is approximately how much propane a deep fryer will consume in an hour.
A gal of propane contains 91,500 BTUs. Deep fryers are rated in BTU's. So it seems simple to follow that a 90,000 BTU deep fryer will consume 1 gal of propane per hour.
Few things I have questions about. If a deep fryer is rated for 90k BTU, does this mean it will consume 90k BTU sitting idle (holding oil at temp) or 90k BTUs under full load for 1 hour?
Can some of you who have LP deep fryers give me some feedback here please? I am curious as to what BTU your fryer is, and how much your propane costs are.
Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:LP Deep Fryers - Cost per hour to run 2013/09/26 07:53:43
The rated burner BTU output is at high flame and at the recommend gas pressure setting.   Most burners can put out more BTUs if the gas pressure is pushed higher than the manufacture's recommendation.     ... But deepfryers after reaching cooking temp of the oil, the flame is cut back (manual or auto-temp) and doesn't continues at max BTU flame.  This is the BTU setting ( gas consumption) you need to figure out  ... 40%, 50%, 60%  ...???....   How many hours run time to empty a tank (gals) of gas?