America's Best Bakeries (from Travel & Leisure)

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2013/09/29 09:24:59
Just sharing this article.  So far as I could tell, the list doesn't appear to be in any order (as in the first one being what they consider the best one).
Re:America's Best Bakeries (from Travel & Leisure) 2013/09/29 09:50:43
Thanks for posting this link.  It appears to be a list of the most trendy bakeries T&L could find in the U.S.  How many of these do you think even existed 10 years ago?
"Great bakeries are not afraid to evolve or experiment, reinventing classic desserts as well as offering lesser-known European treats."
Amazing to think of the crud we used to think was good before these places evolved to teach us how wrong we all were. 
I can think of a half dozen hipster bakeries in the Milwaukee area that could be dropped seamlessly into the list.  I still prefer the old time donut shop I found in rural NC.
Re:America's Best Bakeries (from Travel & Leisure) 2013/09/29 10:04:04
I suppose by strict definition, a bakery bakes flour-based items, but I've always been under the impression that bakeries baked bread and pastry shops made pastries.  I've found it rare to find either crossing lines with quality on both sides.  
Then again, having grown up on products from Modern Pastry in Hartford, CT, I've found very few decent (US) pastry products outside of the NY - Boston corridor (we bought our fresh bread down the street at a bakery freshly baked that morning, on the premises). 
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Re:America's Best Bakeries (from Travel & Leisure) 2013/09/29 14:30:40
Adding #29 to the list.  Porto's in Glendale.  They've expanded now to locations in Burbank and Downey.
Nothing like a guava and cheese pastry.
Porto's Burbank 3614 West Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank, CA‎ 91505

Porto's Downey 8233 Firestone Blvd, Downey, CA 90241

Porto's Glendale 315 North Brand Boulevard, Glendale, CA‎ 91203  

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Re:America's Best Bakeries (from Travel & Leisure) 2013/11/25 02:07:19
I recently tried pastries of the French Baker. Their bread looks boring but when you tried one, it's all good. Maybe they just need to add a bit of presentation. I like Bread Talk a lot. I love their fire floss and cheese floss.
Re:America's Best Bakeries (from Travel & Leisure) 2013/11/25 12:36:09
a cool article about KC bakeries that contans a menton for RF poster Zataar-
 A quick tour of Kansas City bakeries - favorite local bakery in Ashland, Deux Chats-
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