Waco Restaurant

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2013/10/04 06:52:59
Waco food is famous for its taste. And we are one of the best family restaurants in Waco, Texas with a huge variety of items for all age groups and that too on very reasonable rates.
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Re:Waco Restaurant 2013/10/04 10:52:30
No SPAM on the menu?
You should ask for your money back from your web designer.
Michael Hoffman
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Re:Waco Restaurant 2013/10/04 11:02:02
Here's what the website terms their latest menu:

Latest Menu

- Desserts
  • Black Cherry Ice Cream $50.00
  • Creme Brulee Ice Cream $75.00
  • Caramel Swirl Ice Cream $75.00
  • Crazy Nuts Ice Cream $99.00
  • Strawberry Ice Cream $125.00
  • Bubblegum $100.00
  • Blueberry $125.00
    - Main Course
  • 3 Course Meal $999.00
  • Chinese Special $550.00
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    Re:Waco Restaurant 2013/10/04 11:14:22
    Better clean your computer ASAP.
    Re:Waco Restaurant 2013/10/04 14:21:27
    WOW - Spell check not available on the website creator???
    I want some Chili Cheede Fries and some Deeserts
    Re:Waco Restaurant 2013/10/06 22:44:43
    they have Layers of pasta , cheese and ground burr too! is that short for burro?
    PASTA SAMOLER  A teste of our famous lasagna,
    topped E/sauce 
    homemade Alfred sauce.poor alfred
    Hand breaded and friend eggplant.this is my friend eggplant.
    Hand braded and eggplant baked
     ricotta cheese tonned with sauce and mozzarella cheese
     homemade sauce 0 served 
    seems like every line has bad spelling!
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