Stroud's Expanding!

2013/10/06 17:37:30
The owner of Stroud's has taken on a partner. While he continues to own the northern location, he has taken on a partner with the south location that replaced the original location five years ago. I had the opportunity to talk to part of the new management team when I had lunch there yesterday.
The new partner is KC Hopps, the owner of The 75th Street Brewery; O'Dowd's Little Dublin; Barley's Brewhouse; and The Blue Moose. They are a quality restaurant management group well known for their various operations in the Kansas City Area. They are taking over the management of the south location to learn the Fried Chicken Business and will be opening additional locations once they get their feet under them. The new locations will most likely be outside the Greater Kansas City Area. They will be closed this coming Wednesday and Thursday for a little remodeling. They are getting new carpeting in the dining room, but most of the remodel will be in the kitchen. They are going to be replacing some kitchen equipment that is worn out. They will not be making any changes to the menu. Right now they are playing it a little close to the vest, but I will keep you updated as to what happens.
Re:Stroud's Expanding! 2013/10/07 00:59:20
This news is both exciting and a little disturbing.
The possibility of more Stroud's locations sounds great (Chicago wouldn't happen to be on the list, would it?), but the general history of big restaurant groups partnering up with privately held, long established eateries has frequently been detrimental to the quality of the product that established their reputation in the first place.
Hoping this will be a successful venture for all concerned, including Stroud's longtime, loyal customer base.
Re:Stroud's Expanding! 2013/10/07 13:03:24
As DFW seems to get everything, I'd love to see a Strouds open here. 
I'd be back and forth between them and Babe's so often I might grow feathers!
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Re:Stroud's Expanding! 2013/10/07 13:52:16
There is apparently still a Strouds in Wichita, in a converted barn.  My recollection is that it has had mixed reviews. I've never been there -- only to the one at Oak Ridge Manor and the one in Fairway, Kansas.  Different atmosphere, but same food, I found. 
For me, the Fairway location is most convenient for an on-the-way-to-the-airport stop on my way back from a conference I attend every few years held at the Intercontinental at the Plaza  hotel on Ward Parkway.
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Re:Stroud's Expanding! 2013/10/07 18:07:26
On my recent trip to Wichita, we came very close to visiting their Stroud's, but just couldn't do it.  No doubt the food would have been fine, but I can't imagine messing with the perfection that is Oak Ridge Manor.
Of course, all bets are off if they put one in Pittsburgh!
Re:Stroud's Expanding! 2013/10/07 22:42:48
buffetbuster No doubt the food would have been fine, but I can't imagine messing with the perfection that is Oak Ridge Manor.
The irony is, Oak Ridge Manor was their second location, opening after the original joint at 85th and Troost.  For me, the 85th Street location was perfection and the Manor was the abomination until they closed 85th and moved to Fairway, Kansas.
Now I've stopped worrying about the ambiance and focused on the food, which is of equal quality (as of now) at both locations.  Never been to the Wichita location, but I've recommended it to people visiting that area.  They were very happy with the meal they were served.
Re:Stroud's Expanding! 2013/10/08 03:10:50
I believe that right now they will be working out of Kansas City a little at a time. They are very aware that Stroud's is a different animal then their other restaurants. Rumor is that there will be a new location by this time next year. Rumor is that they are looking at locations close to Kansas City. These rumors mention Blue Springs MO, Lawrence KS, and Topeka KS.
There is a big difference between the previous arrangement and this one. My understanding is that back when he had a partner they sold franchises in Wichita and Manhattan. The Manhattan location didn't last long. This time it is a partnership, the owner and the new management team set up a new company that will own and manage the new locations. Because all there current operations are in the Greater Kansas City Area the new locations are expected to be close by so they can keep a close eye on them in the beginning.
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Re:Stroud's Expanding! 2013/10/08 07:05:53
I was fortunate enough to eat at the original location of Stroud's once (back then I would write down the date of my visit in my Roadfood book, so I know it was on April 8, 2001) before it's demise.  Having dined at Oak Ridge Manor at least a dozen times now, this is the location that has won my heart.  But that original one sure did have character! 
Re:Stroud's Expanding! 2013/10/10 20:08:15
I loved the original one and it was a very RF worthy location, and unique.
The Oak Ridge Manor location has (like BB said) grown on me, and now I think of it more often than the original location.  Both Topeka and Lawrence would be good locations for an expansion.