A Rainy Saturday With Good Friends, Good Food & AWESOME Music

2013/10/11 21:10:55
Last Saturday (October 6th) I had the opportunity to go and listen to my favorite band in Louisville.  As I thought and prepared for the day I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up with Mayor Al and his lovely wife Janet. 
So I contacted Al and asked if they would like to meet up for a meal before my concert.  He said that Janet had to work that afternoon and it wouldn't be fair to her, BUT he suggested that they could slow cook some of the wild boar that they shot this past spring, and serve dinner at their home before the concert.
An afternoon with the Mayor and Demi and Duff sounded like a great plan, and then dinner with Janet even better.  I arrived in the pouring down rain about 1:00pm and Al welcomed me inside, we sat and chatted and then came one of the highlights of the afternoon, a trip trough Mayor Al's Arsenal. 
I was quite impressed with his collection and quite envious too.
We chatted and watched U of L football through the driving rain and intermittant satelite signal.  The aroma coming from the kitchen was like ambrosia, then getting closer to time that janet was to be getting home Al put the summer squash casserole in the oven.
Janet arrived home and we talked a bit while the dinner finished, and then it was time.
ANN close your ears, the wild boar was wonderful, not strong and gamey, but had a wonderful flavor.  The summer squash was pure heaven, and nice dark nutmeg and wonderful flavor.  The applesauce plum cake was dense and moist and with the whipped cream was a perfect ending to a great afternoon and wonderful meal.
It was getting to be 5:00pm and I needed to be in Louisville at Phoenix Hill Tavern at 6:00pm.  I had gotten an email earlier in the week asking if I could help out at the concert with the merchandise table.  It would mean free admission and free merchandise.  DING DING WINNER.
I had the band's latest CD playing in my car as I pulled into PHT, and when I turned my car off I thought something was wrong.  When I turn the key off my CD player should go off, but I turned the car off and the music kept playing. 
I looked at the CD player and there was NO display lit up, but the music kept playing.  It was then that I realized it wasnt my CD player it was the band doing a sound check inside the venue, but was so loud it sounded like it was IN MY CAR!
I walked in and there was the band up on stage, the sound guy and a bartender.  NO ONE ELSE!  I had the WHOLE place to myself, the band doing several songs to get the sound set, and it was AWESOME.
After the sound check the guys came over and we talked a bit before they went off to the green room to get ready for the show. 
The concert went great, the venue was small enough that it felt that you were the only one there, and that they were playing just for you.  After the show they needed to pack up and hit the road and head to Buffalo because Mark (The Bassist) was flying out in the morning
(OK louisville is 9 hours from Buffalo why not fly out of Louisvile? i didnt ask either)
You know those credit card commercials:
Spending the day with friends... Great
Enjoying a wonderful meal with friends... Terrific
Enjoying a concert of your favorite band... Wonderful
Walking in and having your favorite band play you a private concert.... PRICELESS!!!
Many Thanks to Mayor Al and Janet for your hospitality and a wonderful dinner.
I would still love the recipe for the summer squash.
Uncle Groucho
Re:A Rainy Saturday With Good Friends, Good Food & AWESOME Music 2013/10/11 22:33:17
Enter the Haggis ? Phoenix Hill is a FUN area , I have had many good weekends in that area trying to keep Louisville Weird. Let me know the next time you are in the area , we can grab a bite and drink a Local Beer , glad you had fun. Karl
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Re:A Rainy Saturday With Good Friends, Good Food & AWESOME Music 2013/10/12 07:29:53
Great write up! What's the name of the band? Never mind...ETH (just read previous post). I just bought Modest Revolution.
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ann peeples
Re:A Rainy Saturday With Good Friends, Good Food & AWESOME Music 2013/10/12 08:26:38
What a fun day, CK. I am envious of your meal. Al and Janet are wonderful hosts, and I love just hanging out with them-and of course Duffy and Demi....... I was lucky enough to have some of the breakfast sausage from their boar hunt-best stuff I have ever had!
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Re:A Rainy Saturday With Good Friends, Good Food & AWESOME Music 2013/10/12 08:27:52
Sounds like a great trip CK. schedule another one after The Mayor bags a buffalo :)
mayor al
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Re:A Rainy Saturday With Good Friends, Good Food & AWESOME Music 2013/10/12 09:31:58

It was fun to share the afternoon with out friend, Don.
Janet does the Butternut Squash into a Squash Pie filling Cassarole (minus a piecrust). We love the stuff. We got a dozen large (8-10 lb) 'fruit' from the vines that grew 'by accident' in our squash bed. Some how these seeds were sent with our Patti-Pan Sunburst Summer Squash. Janet almost ripped them out when the vines started spreading around the garden...but she left them and we are so pleased with the results we will do a section of next years planting to be able to share these tasty veggies.
The Boar Loin was done in the Czech Style...lots of Caraway on the meat, and served with saurkraut to counter the sweet squash cassarole.
The cake used both apples and appricots from this year's crop. It is really fun to share the bounties of our garden/orchard with our friends.
Re:A Rainy Saturday With Good Friends, Good Food & AWESOME Music 2013/10/12 10:40:46
Sounds delicious.  I'm sure you all had a great time!
Re:A Rainy Saturday With Good Friends, Good Food & AWESOME Music 2013/10/12 20:10:21
Yes - Enter The Haggis
I have been a fan of them since 1999, and LOVE their music and the guys in the band, they are so down to earth.
Their newest album was just released this weekend to their kickstarter campaign donors.
"Live At Saint Claire"
PHT is a very cool place to watch a concert.