Abusing some lobster in Maine

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2013/10/12 07:59:34
Roz and I are going to Portland and Boothbay Maine next Thursday thru Sunday.  This is our third trip and we have enjoyed the Maine diner and other mentioned roadfood places on this site.  Any new places some of you know about.  We enjoyed Young's Lobster pound in Belfast but I doubt if we get that far north.
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Re:Abusing some lobster in Maine 2013/10/12 08:59:39
Unfortunately, this appears to be is their last weekend of 2013, but by far, the best place we've found for seafood is at Five Island Lobster in Georgetown (a bit south of Bath/Brunswick).  Outstanding views as well as really fresh seafood, cooked to perfection including the best fried clams I've ever found.
Not sure if they are still open, but The Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth is our second favorite stopping point.
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mayor al
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Re:Abusing some lobster in Maine 2013/10/12 09:07:12
On two visits, we have enjoyed the Casco Bay Ferry-Mailboat tour rides around the Bay . Inexpensive 1/2 day rides  that take folks, mail, and groceries to the various islands between Portland and the Atlantic. A great way to see the area.
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Re:Abusing some lobster in Maine 2013/10/12 10:08:36
Believe it or not, I agree with Mayor Al about Five Island Lobster- the best Lobster I've had in Maine to date (can't say much about their lobster rolls though) although I've always been more of a "Whole Lobster" vs a "lobster roll" guy. There is nothing more fresh than Lobster straight out of the shell anyway.
If you're willing to forego the view, check out The Ocean Garden in Gorham about 10 miles inland from the old port in Portland
Unlike all the touristy (and unfortunately tourist trap) places along the water. This is a real locals spot
I've included their  yelp reviews as well.
Re:Abusing some lobster in Maine 2013/10/12 10:26:01
Abuse a few lobsters for me, would ya?  I miss living in New England and especially the time I spent working at Yankee Lobster Fish Market.  When I didn't feel like fish for dinner, I would take home a lobster......just boil water and you have instant dinner. 
I also vote for Five Island Lobster.  Have a good trip! 
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Re:Abusing some lobster in Maine 2013/10/12 11:36:15
Unfortunately Five Island's last day is 10/13 and we will be there 10/17.  WJ's suggestion with Ocean Garden sounds very good and especially cheap.  3 3/4 pound plus salad bar for $20.00.  I can really abuse some lobstah there.  Roz is finishing her last class and preparing for comp exams.  We will celebrate with some shopping, leaf peeping, a few cocktails and a lotta lobstah abuse. 
Thanks for all your advise.  A half day cruise sounds wonderful Al,  Perhaps we can do that.
Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
Re:Abusing some lobster in Maine 2013/10/12 12:14:43
Always thought it must be time consuming to match up twins, but I'll never begin to understand how they find so many triplets.
Re:Abusing some lobster in Maine 2013/10/12 12:56:38
Talk about abusing lobster...... Warning! The video may be difficult for small children (and some grownups) to watch.
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Re:Abusing some lobster in Maine 2013/10/12 15:26:18
dont know what happening up- there but last week in Lynn Ma lobstah was $3.99 a lb!!!!!
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Re:Abusing some lobster in Maine 2013/10/12 16:22:32
Sorry, because I haven't made enough posts yet it so it removed all the links I had included. Will edit it in the future!
Here's one list of lobster shacks. Some have been reviewed here at RF:
(This was a link at Brewster House Bed & Breakfast, Freeport, Maine. You can do searches for the places below.)
Waterman's Beach Lobster, my favorite lobster place, is located near Rockland--midcoast Maine. It is now closed for the season, but it is open from the weekend of Father's Day through mid-September. Keep it in mind for another trip to Maine next year. Ocean a few feet from you. I have been going here for over 20 years. Wonderful people. Love their lobster and crab rolls. Maine crabmeat is wonderful, too. It has a delicate, sweeter flavor than lobster. Desserts and salads are homemade:

Red Barn Restaurant--a good seafood place in Augusta. They get their seafood fresh from family, who own a seafood market in Augusta. Their boneless chicken is good, too, and they sell a lot of both seafood and chicken!:

Also in the Augusta area--something to do/see--is the Maine State Museum.:

Beth's Farm Market--a farm stand--wonderful place all season long--midcoast Maine. Apples, winter squash, potatoes, baked goods, etc, are available right now. They sell 50# bags of potatoes--and smaller quantities, too. They have a corn maze now.:

And then there are Moody's in Waldoboro (midcoast Maine), and Big G's in Waterville (just beyond Augusta)--both have been reviewed here. Both are good. Big G's makes their own bread--white, wheat, rye.
Enjoy your trip to Maine!
Almost forgot. Maine's Department of Conservation every year provides a fall foliage map, which is updated on Wednesdays in the fall. I call it the leaf peeper map:

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Re:Abusing some lobster in Maine 2013/10/13 06:09:25
It's a site that's been referenced several times, but if unaware and you want lobster rolls, check out http://lobstergal.com/reviews-list/maine/ 
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Re:Abusing some lobster in Maine 2013/10/16 16:05:25
Roz and I have a flight out at 7:00AM for Portland, ME.  We will definately try WJ's suggestion of the Ocean Garden.  3 3/4 lb Lobster plus salad bar for $20.00 ea.  We will drive on up to Boothbay where I am certain that the lobster, crabs and oysters are much more pricey.
After three days of lobster, we will probably look forward to a double cheeseburger..
Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN