Restaurant website concept for owners or startups

Junior Burger
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2013/10/17 11:41:30
Hello everyone,
I just wanted to get some thoughts on a new website I created catered to restaurants, its called The Restaurant Zone - I am interested to hear from owners or restaurant entrepreneurs what their thoughts are on this, and if they would use a site like this. I really value your thoughts here or any feedback you may have. Would this be useful for your restaurant? Would you change anything or add anything here?
On a brief side note, if you check out the site you can see that the site specializes in free & spam-free classified ads for restaurants. On the site it has postings for restaurant equipment, property, supplies, and then even events or happy hours. The goal of this site is create a marketplace or "zone" for restaurants to list different things for free! I'd like to be able to use any input to produce a great product for restaurants so any feedback from you is appreciated!!
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Re:Restaurant website concept for owners or startups 2013/10/17 12:31:53
Is there such a thing as SpamTM made from duck?
I'm not going to flag this as he may be a legit small businessman who isn't yet up to speed on the "no self-promotion" rule. 
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