Make homemade popsicles with ice pop molds! SUPER DEAL!

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2013/10/21 05:08:19
Hi guys,
 I just wanted to entertain everyone here with the promo I found on Amazon for ice pop molds with 30% off coupon code: WZXTL9R8
Get it on search Popushi ice pop molds

I bought two packs of these last week and bought another one yesterday, so yes, the code does still work!
These are really easy to use, just soak it in hot boiling water for 15 minutes before your first use.
What I did was made a mango and blueberry smoothie. Soo GOOD!
I put a cup of frozen mangos and a cup of frozen blueberries I bought from Costco, 1/2 cup of orange juice, 1 cup of plain yogurt. Pureed it in the blender, and it was able to fill all 8 ice pop molds!

I left in the freezer over night, and the next morning I was able to have a fantastic snack before I went to class. It's like a popsicle/smoothie.. really goood!!!!!
Alright have fun guys :)
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Re:Make homemade popsicles with ice pop molds! SUPER DEAL! 2013/10/23 09:21:36
Norpro Ice Pop Maker
This is the product you want, not the one listed above. This mold is awesome and makes very professional looking Popsicles. I used small French fry sleeves to serve them in. It works really good and makes really nice pops, but no one ever really got excited about them. We still make them but they rarely sell. I usually give them away to people that are super excited about their sandwich and come back up to say how good it was. It makes a nice(and cheap) give away. It's only a few ounces of liquid to make each pop.
Re:Make homemade popsicles with ice pop molds! SUPER DEAL! 2013/10/23 14:24:52
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