2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas

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Filet Mignon
Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas 2013/11/29 22:25:08
My last time at Leonards was with you and it was pretty rough....still love the neon sign...Mr Brown Goes to Town!
Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas 2013/11/29 22:55:43
Thanks for reporting in from Memphis.  Since you are going to be in the Chattanooga area, I am going to give you two dining recommendations.  First, try Champy's Fried Chicken near downtown Chattanooga.  I ate their earlier this year and tried the fried chicken while my dad had the fried catfish.  We really enjoyed our food. 
Also, if your schedule allows it, go to Hillbilly Willy's BBQ on the outskirts of the city.  I have eaten there twice before with mixed results.  It is located in a sort of run down strip mall ;-)  Drive safely and please post here to tell us where you've eaten.
Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas 2013/12/01 15:58:39
Our Thursday night foray at the Rendezvous is almost a requirement  for anyone dining in Memphis  the first time…and although the service, atmosphere and fellowship ranked outstanding the meal itself was “Ok”.  I had their infamous Dry Rub Ribs, the ribs were tasty..but very  dry and tuff.
Gus’s Chicken..OMG..where have you been all my life..Crispy, Tender, Spicy..and you were gone…ok next time at least a three piece.  Great place, good service and super tasty.
As a dyed in the wool Hill Country BBQ lover it is tough to find good BBQ anywhere else…..BUT…The Cozy Corner is working on it….I loved the sausage sandwich there as well as the atmosphere and the “aquarium style smoker”
The Cupboard had all the vegetables you should consume to stay healthy  and all the pie to remind you why you should eat your veggies.
The German Commissary was an outstanding example of the Memphis Style BBQ and well worth another visit when time would allow a real meal…(as a beginner..I was stuffed by now)
Central BBQ WOW…they really welcomed us with a taste of everything…I really enjoyed the home made BBQ potato chips  and the Nachos were killer good…just needed  a cold long neck =).
While others went out for dinner…I went to Walgreens for drugs and to the hotel to sleep….I was barking so hard I kept expecting someone to throw me a mackerel .
Ms Lena’s Pie’s….and my wife asked me why I wanted to sell the house and move to Arkansas….had she tasted a fresh made fried pie, she would’ve been on the phone to the Real Estate agent first.  Luscious flavorful, crispy, tasty, …..you know…we could open a coffee shop and valet service next door….hmmmm.
Ed and Kay’s…supposedly a meat and three kind of place and the cheese dip and meals at our table were great…BUT…WOW were the Pies ever great…the PCP sounded strange but tasted good…and the peanut butter meringue WOW  fantabulous .
 Stubby’s BBQ was a good BBQ stop…the RIBS were killer good, tasty, meaty and the BBQ beans with all of the meat in them,  were absolutely outstanding and could’ve been a meal by themselves.
McClards was another “BBQ” joint…but oh Wow did they know how to make tamales, I wanted to try their Frito Pie….3 tamales, covered in Fritos, smothered in Chili and topped with ½# of cheese…but knowing we still had another stop to make I opted for tamales only and shared a those with my counter mates…the Ribs were very good too.
Last but not least Doe’s Eat Place..WOW…after a quick glance at the menu I decided an appetizer was about all I could muster…..That was when we were told they were bringing us EVERYTHING on the menu to share…it was all so good….tamales w/chili , garlic grilled shrimp, battered and deep fried shrimp, smoked salmon, a porter house steak, a T-bone steak and a sirloin steak, a salad and potatoes and Texas toast all served family style.
I guess if I had to rank our stops….Ms Lena’s would be tops, followed by Cozy Corner, Gus’s fried Chicken, McClards BBQ, Stubby’s BBQ, Doe’s, Ed & Kay’s, German Commisary…but that sure is hard to do…they were all so good.  Y’all did a great job of selecting restaurants to visit …looking forward to the next trip.
Sweetwater, TN
Filet Mignon
Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas 2013/12/02 07:27:19
Hey Gary -
Really nice write-up...I luv the line "all the pie to remind you why you should eat your veggies."
I love seeing everybody's different styles and perspectives...Thanks!
Ralph Melton
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas 2013/12/02 22:54:37
Such a lovely report. I wish we had been able to attend.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas 2013/12/05 18:18:43
" Such a lovely report. I wish we had been able to attend. "
Ralph,  I feel the same way. Thank you for expressing my feelings as well as yours.
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