The Roundhouse (Texas) Barbecue in Hong Kong China

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2013/10/24 11:13:43
The deal is that it is passable cue. In a pre-Franklin's Austin it could be worthy of a visit.
The brisket was moist and had decent flavor although I would have preferred a heavier hand with the salt and pepper rub. Ribs were a good effort but the pulled pork wasn't pulled at all as it was sliced and served like brisket.
I wonder if the cooks lost something in translation. They haven't started with sausage yet but the will be making their own. When quizzed they said it would be pork-based and like andouille.
Sides were pintos, potato salad, and cheesy squash. The beans were good and the squash, although non-traditional, was very tasty. Their potato salad offering was of the mustard-based variety but not as dry as something like Salt Lick.
They're using an electric smoker located in a tiny kitchen in the back of the place. Meat is sourced from the US and shipped over frozen.
pic http://www.scrumptiousche...ue-In-Hong-Kong-China?
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Re:The Roundhouse (Texas) Barbecue in Hong Kong Chine 2013/10/24 11:34:27
They'll probably be getting a Dickey's and a Famous Dave's soon!
(It always amazed me that McDonald's is everywhere the same - even in Paris and RJ).
Re:The Roundhouse (Texas) Barbecue in Hong Kong Chine 2013/10/24 13:25:33
That's why the Slow Food organization was started about 12 years ago in Italy after McDonald's first store opened in Rome.